Mahatma I & II has 14 ratings and 1 review. Awaken and realize that all of mankind will create their body for Ascension, whether they accomplish this n. Grattan, Brian. What all of humankind has learned in the past about creation is the way that existence isn’t—a paradox. Awaken and realize that all of humankind. I am Brian, Brian Grattan, Hello it is my pleasure to be here with you. Most of you know me as the being that first grounded the Mahatma.

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Winkel vanuit Verenigde Staten om dit artikel te kopen. This is not the exclusive domain of Christ or Buddha or many others who have ascended — this is your birthright.

You are not relegated to worshipping those who have already done this very basic initiation called ascension. Christ and Buddha would be the first to acknowledge that they are just beginners on their eternal journeys. When humans lift the veils of their unworthiness and recognize that they are the sons of God, that there is divine equality and no one is greater than another, then you will have begun your journey in the way that it was intended.

In your near future, your Planetary Hierarchy will release the world from theology, ecclesiasticism, and the wrathful Jehovah and return humanity to its rightful journey into spiritualizing matter, not worshipping it! The Mahatma is for those who are motivated to search for the answers that can respond to their mental and spiritual bodies. In the past, humankind’s choices of beliefs and religions have supported only the emotional body and the darker, material side of life. And truly, if humankind is going to remain on Earth, very drastic shifts of consciousness will be required in Earth’s new four-dimensional reality.


No matter how contrary to your current beliefs, this book contains methods for creating your spiritual lightbody for ascension, and it also explains your eternal journey in a way that was never before available to humankind.

A User’s Guide to the Chakra System. The Jewel Tree of Tibet. Put a Little Light in Your Life. Awakening Through the Veils. The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records. Journey of the Angels. Opening Our Spiritual Eyes. The Laws of the Sun.

The Council of Light. Manifestation Through Spiritual Power. Dying to be Born. Fountain Source of High Wisdom. We Are Not Alone.

The Magatma of Self. Flowing with the River of Life. Through the Eye of the Shaman – the Nagual Returns. Ascension of the Earth into the fifth dimension. The Way of the Spiritual Warrior. Writings from the One. Afterlives of the Rich and Famous. Introduction to the Kalachakra Initiation.

Brian Grattan – Mahatma I & II

Yoga Beyond the Mat. A Beginner’s Guide to the Path of Ascension. Conversations With Seth, Book 1: What the Future of Humanity Could Be! DNA of the Spirit, Volume 2. George Anderson’s Lessons from the Light. The Book of Mastery. Never Argue With a Dead Person. How to Be Financially Successful. The Nature of Reality: Synchronicity and the Other Side. The Golden Essence Is You. The Complete Ascension Manual. My Life as a Seer.

The New Planetary Reality. How to Teach Ascension Classes. New Ages and Other Wonders. Conversations with a Friend. A New Light on Ascension.

Great Minds Speak to You. The Secret of Metaphysical Science. Zo mahatmma je een goede recensie. De recensie moet ten minste 50 tekens bevatten.

Mahatma I & II: The I Am the Presence

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Brian Grattan – Mahatma Seminar Flyers | mahatma seminars

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