He worked for FEMA at ground zero, but then Kurt Sonnenfeld became a suspect appeared before a crowded room to present El Perseguido. Just how if your day is begun by reading a publication EL PERSEGUIDO By Kurt SONNENFELD Yet, it remains in your gizmo? Everyone will consistently touch. Kurt Sonnenfeld (born 12/18/) is an American granted political asylum in Argentina after On May 8, , Kurt Sonnenfeld published El Perseguido (The Persecuted), at the 35th Annual Buenos Aires Book Fair in Argentina. In the book .

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US Forces evacuating Syria. In the murder charges were dropped for lack of evidence but the prosecutor reserved the right to refile the charges. Recently I saw photos, posted on-line by a German magazine, of an Iraqi boy only about three or four years old. And there was no underground vault. Your autobiographical book titled “El Perseguido” Persecuted was recently published in Argentina where you live in exile since And no doubt the first U.

As official videographer for the U. Since then, over the course of the past seven years, I have been falsely accused, imprisoned twice in two different countries, tortured, put in solitary confinement, followed across two sonnwnfeld and slandered relentlessly in a campaign to dehumanize me so that no one will protest and to discredit me so that when I talk, no one will listen. The vault had to have been emptied before the attack. Not until September 11, There were many, many obvious fabrications in the extradition order sent here by US authorities, and, thankfully, we were able prove that.

persegguido Nicholas Rockefeller agenda and the microchips implants to the humans. How I miss the people I might never see again. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Again the media was manipulated, and some willingly played the role of accomplice. Hero or Cold-Blooded Killer? In a series of e-mail exchanges, Sonnenfeld did not explain how his videotapes of Trade Center ruins prove U.

Kurt Sonnenfeld: an inconvenient 9/11 witness, by Gaia Edwards

When the wind blows, I think of riding fast on motorcycles with my brother. You may be sure that you don’t take any risk on airports or by FBI’s, polices work areas. And how I miss the mountains! Later he told two prison snitches that he staged the persebuido by creeping up behind his passed-out wife, putting his gun in her hand and firing, the book alleges.

Kurt Sonnenfeld: El perseguido. Editorial Planeta

You have suggested that you observed things at Ground Zero that did not tally with the official account. Those events are nearly 8 years behind us. Saddam himself was nearly decapitated, too.

This is what makes your case so compelling. But its strange how memories keep sneaking up behind me, tapping on my consciousness and re-introducing themselves like some old forgotten friend. There has never been an independent commission officially assigned to investigate the horrible events that occurred on September 11,although independent commissions for tragedies of this magnitude are customary.

But there had not yet been justification sonnenfelr enough to invade.

Look at what happened to Secret Service whistle-blower Abraham Bolden, for example, or to chess master Bobby Fischer after kur showed his disdain for the US. The couple has twin daughters. The discussion page may contain suggestions. This was where the various government services parked their bomb-proofed cars and armored limousines, counterfeit taxi cabs and telephone company trucks used for undercover surveillance and covert operations, specialized vans and other vehicles.

People are gripped by fear. With an incredible outpouring of support.

El Perseguido – Cold Cases

That probably makes you the first U. A terrorist adminsitration that made the bigest coop to take the control of the energy reservs in the world, and to stop all kind of investigations against the United States of America about the terror of the Pentagons international nazi projects. But some months later, they announced that they had broken up a huge Colombian narco-trafficking and money-laundering ring after miraculously recovering crucial evidence from the safe, including surveillance photos and heat-sensitive cassette tapes of monitored calls.


I have video that shows how curiously small the rubble pile was, and how the buildings to either side were untouched by Building Seven when it collapsed.

Then, inthe Argentinean Supreme Court — in a show of integrity and independence – turned down the U. This author’s articles To send a message. Rather it is a history of the extraordinary events that have happened peeseguido me and my family at the hands of U.

Kurt Sonnenfeld: an inconvenient 9/11 witness

The legacies live on. Four years ago, the US embassy sent a note to Argentine officials ssonnenfeld confiscate all of my possessions and documents and to remit them to the United States. The region is more destabilized and resentments are strong.

Kurt Sonnenfeld is charged with shooting his wife to death and Denver prosecutors know exactly where he is living. The Agency was mobilized within minutes, whereas it took ten days for it to deploy to New Orleans to respond to Hurricane Katrina, even with abundant advance pegseguido Kurt Sonnenfeld and unidentified search and rescue specialist in subterranean void beneath Ground Zero.