Kinked (Elder Races) [Thea Harrison] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Two opponents must confront the cause of their obsessive fury in. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for the Novels of the Elder Races: “A dark, compelling world. I’m hooked!”—J. R. Ward, #1 New York Times bestselling author. As a harpy, Sentinel Aryal is accustomed to dealing with hate, but Sentinel Quentin Caeravorn manages to inspire in her a burning ire unlike anything she’s ever.

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I was a little hesitant about reading Aryal in the heroine spotlight. There is a scene when Quentin is thinking as he watches Aryal as she was in her Wyr form and leapt into the sky that so perfectly captured my image of her. What Quentin mean is I really was surprised at how much I enjoyed Aryal and Quentin together.

Their differences actually show them how similar they are to one another. She’s tried everything—and I mean everything. What they find when they arrive is so much more than they bargained for. However, the audio version of the book highlighted some issues with the pacing of the story. How they opened up to one another and were able to see so much more, it was just such a special treat! While this review is rcaes, it will reference events in earlier books.

Watching as his opinion of her changed and morphed.

Kinked (Elder Races, #6) by Thea Harrison – PDF Drive

What particularly worked for me was the progression eldre the relationship that the author took us through, but also that she didn’t make the hero so uber-likeable that the heroine became some unlikeable bitch. Jan 24, Race Zapata rated it it was amazing. This should have just been a novella. Holy smoke balls Quentin is fantastic and he Keeping it short and sweet here. The book is very well named. Their relationship totally worked for me. That was around the time I tried to ride my tricycle to work.


This book had mystery, adventure, great characters and the Kinoed Eva is one of Pia’s new full-time bodyguards. It’s a wonder that I still remember the story, which I didn’t. I think for me, with the mainstream of BDSM, I was a little worried about what direction this book would take.

Read this review in its entirety at Fresh Fiction. Quentin and Alexander Elysiasa pegasus, are the new Sentinels. I loved the rades scene in this book.

Kinked (Elder Races, #6) by Thea Harrison

This is a ‘haters to lovers’ story for these two powerful dominant creatures, so you will get all the sexual tension, the animal magnetism and the building up, until they get together.

Also, I was put off by Quentin coming across as more concerned about himself than Aryal, every time they were fighting for their lives, it seemed like he cared more for his own safety than Aryal’s… And whenever Aryal was hurt, Quentin was so meh about it.

Review to come but I really liked this and here’s some random thoughts for now Kris is Dragos’ assistant. Pyotr is the alpha shadow. I amend my opinion about Aryal now. Elder Races 9 books. I also had similar feelings about the BDSM aspects but I do think Thea Harrison painted it perfectly for them because it was so true to their characters, and I liked how the themes of control and letting go played out in the book.


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The plot was fantastic, so eldef and heartbreaking and wonderful. They supposed to be a powerful foe, yet, the action somehow off and have plot hole too. Apr 21, Laura Kyahgirl rated it it was amazing Shelves: Home of the Alpha Showdown, and one-stop shop for urban fantasy, paranormal romance and fantasy news and reviews. Seeing the devastation in the land and on the people softened the battle-hardened harpy and helped her warm up to and appreciate Quentin.

Kinked (Elder Races, #6)

Join the Club Enter your email to subscribe: And he can tell it was while he was with the woman who just left his apartment.

The first half is kind of boring and repetitive May 19, Melindeeloo rated it really liked it Shelves: Quentin was fighting demons of his own. It is not easy for her to accept Quentin whom she also hates for racees o Aryal and Quentin “Can you control her?