G. S. Khaparde Diary. December 4 Sunday. Bombay. In the morning, by the time I finished my prayer, Waman Rao Joshi came but went away soon to see. Khaparde’s Diary on Shirdi Sai Baba – Khaparde was a noted lawyer and political activist who lived during the time of Shirdi Sai Baba. He came. Shirdi Sai Leela – Khaparde’s diary – Om Sai Ram Dadasaheb Khaparde was a popular lawyer and political activist who was also a noted.

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He maintained his old line of thought, that is, great attachment to wealth, comfort, name, position, and a slight veneer of religiosity khaparse with respectable life as quite sufficient for his purpose. He served as a Munsiff and an assistant commissioner at Berar between and Many reference texts of his are available in the epic.

Baba would have had excellent reasons to immediately promote Khaparde’s spiritual interests because Khaparde had been in one of his previous janmas a fellow pupil along with Baba under the same Guru, and in another janma had been a member of the same family with Baba, having sufficient to live upon but still, getting impelled by high ambition, Khaparde chose to leave the family and seek royal service in order to advance his economic or other position.

And about his departure also similar investigation, though not in this case with the help of Sri Khaparde’s diary, furnishes proof that he departed not in but in itself. Unfortunately, the very high degree of attachment to the world that persisted in Khaparde despite his great learning in sacred books and his daily prayers, attendance at a good number of puran, bhajan, and kirtans, prevented his receiving adequate benefits from Sainath Maharaj.

Sometimes Baba seemed to encourage him by giving affirmative answers. Baba gave it first and soon after rescinded the permission. The result is that he came to a gold mine like Sai Baba and took away very little of gold.


Shirdi Sai Baba Diary by Shri G S KHAPARDE -Shirdi Sai online books

As a Marathi saying goes, ‘Let us stay with saints. In some matters Khaparde’s moral and spiritual condition was far from being satisfactory, and it was known to Baba.

Dinesh Yashwant Khaparde on 23rd April As for the date of his arrival, Khaparde’s diary discloses that Upasani had not been at Shirdi in December and therefore did not arrive that year at Shirdi. Other instances also of similar ,haparde vouchsafed to him are noted.

Khaparde, there is not the faintest suggestion kgaparde he ever cared to develop contact with Baba in his spiritual condition as Apantaratma. His pride felt wounded at the idea that he, a practising lawyer, should be thought so low as to make his wife receive Rs.

Khaparde notes on several dates that Baba cast on him and on some others a ‘Yogic glance’, a sort of Saktinipata, as a result of ciary the person receiving the glance, e. So far as services to Baba are concerned, we may add one more to the list of services.

Once Sai Baba demonstrated this in front of everyone at Dwarakamai. To Baba nothing is hopeless.

G. S. Khaparde

You run to relieve them, etc. An Intimate Letter to my Friend Yet the reader must not fancy that Sri Khaparde’s moral or spiritual position was low. Sai knew or foreknew or foreordained the subsequent life of Khaparde after releasing him from the immediate danger of persecution kjaparde that ohaparde ambitions and energies were all to be utilised in totally different fields and his greatness was to consist in becoming an M.

Here then comes the value of this Khaparde’s diary.

Khaparde for maintaining it and allowing it to be published. He was also a close associate of Subash Chandra Bose.


G. S. Khaparde – Wikipedia

Why is Ravana worshipped? We put up in the wada built for the convenience of people by Mr Chandkar. Khaparde unable to take the same viewpoint mentions the same in the diary regarding it as something unintelligible whereas for one who is able to read between the lines and note what is behind the scenes and what was to happen later on, it is clear that Baba was pressing the button just at the proper point and gave a valuable suggestion.

With Khaparde there was no such dedication. She could not understand him and later Baba showed on his own person bubos and told her that he had to bear all these to save her son. Psycho-analysts advise their visitors to note down freely all that occurs to them, page after page, and day after day. Khaparde died on 1 July Khaparde’s diary gives ample proof that Baba was superhuman in his range of powers and in his ability to help people to the greatest heights of human achievement.

As for the political aim, nothing more was wanted on the pan of Tilak. Thus his first interaction with Sri Sai Baba was in December when he sought refuge at Shirdi escaping the incarceration and purge of political dissidents in India at the time. Till he came to Sai all his joys evidently were joys due to external causes, but when Baba’s glances came, without any external stimulus, without any fee, or birth of a grandchild or applause he was feeling waves of joy swallowing up his being for hours.