The constitution is the supreme law of the country and all other laws are subordinate to it. Any laws inconsistent with the constitution are declared void to the. Jan 15, Interim Constitution of Nepal (), which has been made through a political understanding and to be in force until a new constitution is. Apr 10, The Interim Constitution as published here includes the changes made by the five amending Acts –the Interim Constitution of Nepal (First.

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The Interim Constitution of Nepal – 2063 (2007 AD) Part I – English

The chairperson and vice chairperson of the Constituent Assembly shall respectively be the chairperson and vice chairperson of the legislative. We allow muslims to build mosques and christians to teach our children in schools.

To establish Federalism in Nepal. Poush 1 is polar truth.

Highlights: Interim Constitution of Nepal | United We Blog!

Supreme Court Chief Justice of Nepal: Views Read Edit View history. Throwing a few words does prove that you know the depth. It consisted of 10 parts, 77 articles and 3 schedules.

Effectively implement international treaties and agreements of which the Nepali State is a party. Rhino could not win the fate.

House of Representatives Speaker: Every child found within cpnstitution boundary of Nepal without parental identity shall be considered the citizen on the basis of lineage until the father or the mother of the child is found. Sovereignty and State Authority: Notwithstanding sub-article 2 the intrrim of mother language at local bodies and offices shall not be considered objectionable.


If not give the chance for now to the political leaders who have been working hard these days to solve the historical crunches of the nation or cronic problem of the nation. If any member is so arrested, the official making such arrest shall forthwith inform the person chairing the Constituent Assembly.

No any documents match with original sereach so is ghatiya process. Every citizen shall have the following freedoms: The member wishing to table a constittion in the house should give information one week prior to the Secretary General or Secretary of the legislature.

Have any of you tried to go into Saudi Arabia with a picture of Krishna? Yes, I am a Hindu who is actually doing something to save my religion and my culture and my heritage, one that identifies me.

However it looks unique with its shapes and syles on the flags of the world. Book Category Asia portal. Any thing, service or benefits that is produced or distributed, anyone shall not be denied from purchasing or getting those services, benefits or things nor shall those things, services or benefits be sold or distributed to certain special caste or race.

But, nothing in this clause shall be a bar the law from making a provision for compulsory service for public purposes. If the office of the Contitution and Deputy Speaker become vacant, the Legislative-Parliament shall fill the vacancy through election from among its members. Make arrangements for appropriate relief, recognition and rehabilitation for the families of those killed or disabled or made unable during the course of the conflict.

It is the time of making the country beautiful putting hands together. The State shall not discriminate among citizens on grounds of religion, race, sex, constituyion, tribe, or ideological conviction or any of these.


Constitution of Nepal

No person shall be bought or sold, made slave or made bonded labour. There shall be the formation of one Constituent Assembly to formulate a new Constitution by the Nepalese people themselves remaining within the framework of this Constitution. Again following the democracy movement in Nepal, Interim Constitution was promulgated in The State shall pursue a policy of making basic infrastructure to impart technical education, training and orientation to farmers, labourers, and the class dependent on manual work, and seek their participation in the development process of the country.

Procedures relating to the Conduct of Business: Anon, How dare you attach Bloody Gyane with hinduism!

An Ordinance promulgated under Clause 1 shall have the same force and effect as an Act.

Unlike people who are scared and will play pocket billiards and sit quiet while our country is plundered by mullahs. The Constituent Assembly shall be dissolved that very day the Constitution promulgation niterim the Constituent Assembly comes into effect.

The structure and work division of the Interim Council of Ministers shall be determined by mutual consent. But, iinterim order to obtain the citizenship on the basis of this provision pursuant to the prevalent law they will have to submit an application within the given time frame.