Going Clear by Lawrence Wright Beyond Belief by Jenna Miscavige Hill Inside Scientology by Janet Reitman Troublemaker by Leah Remini A Piece of Blue Sky . Janet Reitman takes readers inside Scientology in her book about America’s most secretive religion. The limestone and granite Church of Scientology in midtown Manhattan is located just northwest of Times Square, at West 46th Street.

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Jul 15, Chad Post rated it really liked it. It gives a detailed account of the lives of founder L.

Reporter Janet Reitman Peers ‘Inside Scientology’

But, t This is a non fiction book about Scientology. His manic performance while insid ecstatic over his love for Katie Holmes wife 3 turned him into a punchline, and this was in the middle of his renewed advocacy for Scientology, a “religion” that is probably most famous for attracting so many Hollywood celebrities, most notably Tom Cruise and John If you’re like most people in the 21st century, this may be the image you have of Scientology: Sometimes called “the pope of Scientology,” Miscavige in the book lives up to previous reports depicting him as a small but intimidating leader, an occasionally unhinged little tyrant alleged to have frequently whomped his top execs.

Money and boats are themes that recur during L Ron’s life, he was exceedingly fond of both. How plausible are those?

Inside Scientology: The Story of America’s Most Secretive Religion

Reitman writes that “Scientology” means the “study of truth”. But they’ve made insane amounts of cash by convincing people they can pay for the ability to essentially heal themselves. Laureen Andrews They aren’t too different, though this book spends some time discussing children raised in “the church”, which I found interesting. That’s not what you get here. Retrieved August 4, When I started doing the Rolling Stone storyI was the most clueless person when it came to Scientology.


And within a few years, he came up with something to cure himself of his trauma. No trivia or quizzes yet. And body thetans, says Hubbard, are the source of all human misery. Tom Cruise is the most well known and mental Scientologist, but they’ve been coaxing help from celebs and politicians right from the start.

The writer relates …more They aren’t too different, though this book spends some time discussing children raised in “the church”, which I found interesting.

I had no idea how litigious they had been, so I wasn’t scared of that initially. But if you’re an ordinary person, it depends how many issues you have. This is a challenging read owing to the scope and density of information, but reiitman a worthwhile pursuit if you want to see an in-depth example of how insanity is contagious.

Reporter Janet Reitman Peers ‘Inside Scientology’ : NPR

The stories of how the church bullies and harasses its critics and those who dare to leave the church often with harrowing escapes that aren’t helping the charges that Scientology is a cult may seem outlandish, but Reitman’s gone to great lengths to verify each tale that she’s included.

In the late ’60s and early ’70s, he reframed Scientology to insidr it more spiritual. Overall, interesting and eye-opening, and extremely well-written. It’s a big, friendly group scientlogy people that wants the best health and wealth for all its members. Yet evidently, some are still drawn into it, and the church’s “celebrity strategy,” which famously netted Tom Cruise, is still keeping their Hollywood org jumping.


Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. I got a clear picture of the trauma, of the betrayals, of the reporting on one another, of the keeping of files on people- but I really have no understanding of what benefits and there must be some there are. In the world of rational people, Scientology is evil. That would be it’s scientolpgy kind of horror.

‘Inside Scientology’ by Janet Reitman: book review – latimes

It lies somewhere within the Bermuda triangle of Buddhism, clinical psychology, and the sort of pyramid schemes that clog up the sidebars of the less reputable websites you visit one weird old trick to In recent years, Reitman reports, Miscavige has even demonstrated a clear pattern of severe paranoia much like what drove Hubbard into seclusion, sometimes attacking aides and senior executives with physical violence, at other times submitting them or anyone else who so much as utters a hint of criticism to insidw punishment.

But after an attempt at Hollywood screenwriting, Hubbard decided to go a different route. Amazon iBooks Independent Booksellers. This was way before Scientology received tax exempt status as a religion and I expected my former girl friend was smart enough to use these particular insiide to try to impress a young guy who was showing rditman strong ambivalence regarding organized religion.

Because of my prior reading, I knew a lot of what is presented in this book.