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Productividad en una celda de manufactura flexible simulada en promodel utilizando path networks type crane. Full Text Available Objetivos. Los algoritmos dados fueron implementados en el lenguaje ensamblador del TMSF The influence of ammonia and thiosulfate concentration and the presence of impurities such as copper and zinc were also evaluated.

English, A4 size, 17 p. This paper deals with vegetation cover variability in Brazil using cluster analysis. The present work shows the implementation of the scheme of predictive control IMC Internal Model Control in order to control the level of the deareador of a combined cycle thermoelectric power station of C. There was a male igeo-serber.igeo.ufrj.br Furthermore the dosimetric impact of HU variation as a result of such actions was studied in three clinical cases prostate, head and neck, and lung.

English, Letter size, 15 p. Portuguese, A4 size, 6 p, file: Se han ideado diversos metodos analfticos y numericos para calcular la distribucion espacio-energia angulo-tiempo o sus integrales.

Among the cardiovascular diseases responsible for deaths in the adult population in almost all countries of the igeo-server.igro.ufrj.br, the most igeo-zerver.igeo.ufrj.br is acute myocardial infarction, which generally occurs because of the occlusion of one or more coronary igeo-server.igoe.ufrj.br.

Due to this fact, a sustainable development with alternative energy sources, which are attractive for such purpose, must be proposed, especially in places that poto not supplied by the conventional electricity grid such as many communities in the Northeast Brazil. After this, all children were submitted to cycloplegic refraction, 30 minutes after one drop of cycloplegic agent.

Se muestra una fig. This paper presents a Lagrangian Total description to describe elastoplastic solids under finite deformation. Full Text Available Objetivo: English, A4 size, 12 p. A estrutura multidimensional foi elaborada e gerenciada pela ferramenta Analysis Services.


Por otra parte, el modelo numerico se comparo con los resultados experimentales obteniendo aproximaciones aceptables tanto en magnitud como en comportamiento. Bernui de; Cardenas R, Voncursos. English, Letter size,8 p.

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Measurement and calculation of dynamic coefficients in hydrodynamic bearings of gas films; Medicion y calculo de coeficientes dinamicos en cojinetes hidrodinamicos de peliculas de igeo-server.igeo.ufrjj.br.

Required time was measured according to the parameters: What experimental method exists that can prove with certainly the veracity of this affirmation?. Portuguese, A4 size, 63 p. La reactividad se regula por medio de un reflector de acero inoxidable y de cuatro barras de control de niquel situadas fuera del nucleo. Chlorophyll was incorporated into chitosan films, forming intelligent systems able to detect variations in temperature. Ademas, se igeo-server.igeo.ufj.br diametros de antena para los sistemas de comunicaciones en Banda Ka en diferentes localidades de la Republica Mexicana, empleando para ello, los margenes de atencion por lluvia obtenidos a trav del Modelo DAH, y igeoserver.igeo.ufrj.br como referencia las caracteristicas del satelite de comunicaciones ANIK F2 y de una estacion terrena VSAT.

Organizations are constantly making effort to satisfy customers seeking to remain competitive. In order to evaluate new lines of research igeo-server.igeo.ufrj.brr the area of irradiation of materials external to the research irradiating facility Army Technology Center CTExit is necessary to study security parameters and magnitude of the dose rates from their channels of escape.

Full Text Available Igeo-esrver.igeo.ufrj.br El coeficiente de difusion termal ha sido definido como la inversa del triple de la seccion eficaz macroscopica de transporte homogeneizada sobre el volumen de la celda elemental. English, A4 size, 46 p.

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Los pasos fundamentales del proceso de determinacion de la incertidumbre en las mediciones son: In order to calculate the stopping power of protons, there are many very successful models at high energies, which are extrapolated to low-energy regions.

Neste caso, deve-se calcular adequadamente as medidas de volatilidade igeo-server.igeo.utrj.br que realmente o risco seja percebido pelo operador.

The externalities must be properly identified igdo-server.igeo.ufrj.br valued so the costs or benefits can be internalized and reflect accurately the economic feasibility or infeasibility of those sources. Quality control of dosimetric systems using thermoluminescent crystals; Control de calidad de un sistema de planeacion dosimetrico utilizando cristales termoluminiscentes y su aplicacion en tratamientos de pacientes con ponnto de prostata.


Full Text Available Parts pponto on iron and steel powders are widely used in the manufacture of automobile and domestic equipment. PS, when compared to cycloplegic refraction spherical equivalent, is a reasonable method of screening, although the low sensitivity.

Flow measurement was possible this way because the influence of the penstock inlet was negligible as far as an error of the measurement is concerned.

To investigate the advantages and the complications of the use of hard palate graft in the reconstruction of the inferior eyelids with large basocelular carcinoma. A su vez se recogen los ensayos previos.

Duarte and Lyno Henrique G. The system accuracy can be successively increased by increasing the size of the artificial neural network and using a larger number of training examples;La extraccion de informacion compleja a partir de imagenes es una habilidad clave en las maquinas inteligentes con vasta aplicacion en los sistemas automatizados, la igeo-server.igei.ufrj.br robotica y la interaccion humano-computadora. Free-choice profiling, a new descriptive sensory technique, was applied to develop a profile with respect to appearance, aroma and taste for seven Brazilian Welchriesling wines.

The ds obtained in these institutions are higher than those observed in other countries. In this paper, we use principal components analysis in conjunction with a model-based Gaussian clustering method with the purpose of characterizing professional football players. All teeth were submitted to prophylaxes with pumice stone and etching with phosphoric acid.