The HIP is a high frequency, medium voltage Full Accordingly, the reader is cautioned to verify that data sheets are current before. HIP datasheet, HIP pdf, HIP data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf , Intersil, Driver, Full Bridge FET, High Frequency, 80V/A Peak, Independent. information can usually be found in most vendor data sheets. For example, if we choose a Intersil IRFR power. MOSFET, the data book states a gate charge.

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Setting up an HIPA – components needed.

I want to order it and the mosfet from canada. I want to be sure to buy everything at once or at least the most components possible.

I know I need diodes and capacitor for the bootstrap on high side, some resistor and I dont really know what else I need. For now, in my cart I have: I chose them because they were cheap and I think that any small diode can do the trick, but I’m maybe wrong.

I guess the backward hip40881 is important? Here I really do know what capacitance I should get or what to look for for a the capacitor. Please correct me for the capacitor.

HIP (INTERSIL) PDF技术资料下载 HIP 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (1/18 页)

I know there is some resistor, but I have no clue for their Ohm value. I dont have a oscilloscope on hand, should it be a good a idea to buy a cheap one like this one. It’s a small DIY kit, extremely basic but cheap. Thank you very much, I know I make a lot of post but I really need your help. MarkT Brattain Member Posts: Ceramic for decoupling caps won’t explode on overvoltage spikes – tantalum are again unsuitable for this hil4081 of circuit and a real fire risk here.


MLCC ceramic caps are low inductance and low resistance and the sort do use. All the traces in the bootstrap current path need to be short and wide low inductance and enclose as little area as possible low inductance. But a guy not knowing so much isn’t going to get all of that nailed down anyway.

They do not tolerate overvoltage on the gate and you need to keep the gate drive supply tightly constrained. In my experience its extremely easy to pop MOSFETs in this sort of circuit if you aren’t careful about all the details.

An oscilloscope is really really useful when commissioning such a circuit to check for any nasty transients getting in the wrong places. You can use gate resistors to slow down the transitions but that limits the max PWM frequency. If not using PWM you can make life easy by larger gate resistors to slow down the switching transients. With PWM fast switching is required to keep losses under control, and the higher the power of the bridge the more important fast switching is. Lower voltage zeners will swamp the HIP’s charge pump, higher will allow the voltages to exceed 20V limit.


MarkT on Jul 23, Runaway Pancake on Jul 23, Wawa Shannon Member Posts: Would a low voltage fet with 14nF gate capacitance be a good match for a high voltage drive IC.

Wawa on Jul 24, MarkT’s advice is spot on. Exactly what I would have cautioned, and he’s absolutely correct, you will be hard pressed to identify problems without a ‘scope.

(PDF) HIP4081 Datasheet download

You didn’t give much info about voltage and current required, so we can’t really give your component selection a grade. Sometimes using the parasitic diode as the catcher leads to a high stored charge which can often be worked around by using fast er recovery diodes in parallel. If it’s low enough voltage, a Schottky can be used.