Herman Noordung was the pseudonym of Herman Potocnik, a relatively obscure officer in the Austrian Imperial Army who became an engineer and. Herman Potočnik Noordung Visitor Centre (water reservoir). The story of the water reservoir represents an interesting and important episode in the history of. No-one is quite sure why Herman Potočnik took the nickname Hermann Noordung, although some suggest he derived it from the German.

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Inhis father died and the family moved to Maribor.

With his many ideas he became one of the founders of astronautics. He wrote his sole book literally on his death bed. The Problem of Space Travel: Except for being two and a half times larger, Wernher von Braun ‘s Collier’s space station see Collier’s space program closely resembled that of Potocnik and it is tempting to view von Braun as the latter’s apt pupil.

The cultural route through the Austro-Hungarian Noordumg represents the historical, architectural and cultural route through the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, a multi-national empire and one of the world’s greatest powers from the late 19th and beginning of the 20th century, that declared Pula as the Monarchy’s main port. Are you interested in news or events? Despite having retired due to disability after the war, he completed studies in machinery and electric technology at the University in Vienna in and became an engineer — a rocket specialist.

His mother moved the family to Maribor where he received his primary education and later went on to attend military schools. Personal tools Log in. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. By using this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. K is the electric cable to an external observatory; S is the airlock ; Kondensatorrohre are condenser pipes; Verdamfungsrohr is a boiler pipe; Treppenschacht is a stairwell; Augzugschacht is an elevator shaft.


Moreover, von Braun’s concept included a circumferential trough of potoonik mirrors for power. Hermann Potocnikalso known noorduhg Herman Noordung, created the first detailed technical drawings of a space station, Lists Producers Venues Festivals.

Herman Potočnik Noordung’s Tombstone to Be Unveiled in Vienna

Opportunities Funding Education Support services. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The new water supply service was put into operation indrawing water from a spring located at Karolina used since antiquity. It considered space travel not as mere day-dreaming but as a very real technological possibility.

After obtaining PhD in engineering, he focused on rocket science and completely immersed himself in the research of space technology.

Noordung’s proposed design consists of a foot-diameter, doughnut-shaped structure for living quarters with an air-lock at its hub, a power-generating station attached to one end of the central hub, and an astronomical observation station. Herman completed noordunng secondary modern school in Maribor and continued his education at the military technical academy in Modling.

Assuming that the initial “N” may have been intended to stand as a negation, the name would mean “without order” or “no order”. Edited by Ernst Stuhlinger and J. He spent most of his childhood years in Maribor and, according to oral sources, in Vitanje. Von Braun saw orbiting space stations as a stepping stone to travel to potobik planets. I am so happy that Slovenians will contribute His book presented the first strategic plan for the human exploration of space with revolutionary ideas of the geo-stationary satellite and the manned space station.

Electrical Engineers Croatian Men.

The book was way ahead of its time and presented numerous solutions that would enable humans to live in outer space. A visionary with an extraordinary technological imagination, Herman Potocnik is remembered today as a pioneer of astronautics. He has a science and art centre dedicated to him in the Slovenian town of Vitanje. The Rocket Motor 1,2 that focuses largely on the engineering aspects of space stations.

When Herman was two years old, his father died. He spent most of his childhood years in Maribor and supposedly in Vitanje, the birthplace of his mother. This potoni, greatly due to the fact that he participated in a university work group devoted to studying aeronautical technology that also had a rocket section. Hunley with Jennifer Garland. The reservoir served its original function until the s.


Hermnhe published a book titled The Problem of Space Travel in German under the pseudonym Noordung and ina Slovenian version was made. It conceived a detailed design for a space station and described how the special conditions of space could be useful for scientific experiments.

The Sun would provide electric power, though not with solar cells, which had not yet been conceived. By using this site, lotonik agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.

Instead, a large parabolic mirror would focus sunlight onto boiler pipes in a type of steam engine. In he was pensioned off from the Austrian military noirdung the rank of captain because of hreman that he contracted during the war.

This will be the first ever bilingual tombstone dedicated to a Slovenian buried in Austria’s capital. An obituary notice about his death was printed in one Maribor daily newspaper, mentioning his ranks engineers and captainhis illness, but nothing about his work regarding space.

Herman Potočnik Noordung « Renowned individuals

His innovative techniques, noorvung, and many predictions enjoy increasing confirmation with each new extra-terrestrial accomplishment in the modern era. Find on Google Maps. As There Actually Should Afterward he went to the military secondary schools in Fischau and Hranice in Moravia.

Due to lack of physical memorabilia about his life, the interior of an observatory capsule presented videos with ptonik of renowned historians, cosmonauts and astronauts for instance: