*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Marcion was critical in the emergence of the Catholic Church. Harnack presents Marcion’s historical significance. Adolf Harnack () was a German theologian, scholar and historian. on Marcion called Marcion, das Evangelium vom fremden Gott (Marcion and the . The outlines of Harnack’s landmark monograph on Marcion are well known from summaries and discussions of it as well as through the German original. But it is.

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But if we look more closely we shall see that in Marcion’s mind there can be no thought of harack. Harnack notes the similarity between Marcion’s repudiation of the writing Prophets and the neglect of the same figures in the Qur’an on this see also Tor Andrae’s Muahammad: Should Jews take exception jarcion such a posture?

Views Read Edit View history. The sternest precepts were laid down in the matter of food and drink.

So many Christian apologists wrote treatises against Marcion after his death that it has been possible to reconstruct almost the whole of Marcion’s Gospel of the Lord from their quotations.

No union of the sexes was permitted. Wherever Christians were numerous about the yearthere must have been Marcionite communities with the same fixed but free organization, with the same canon and the same conception of the essence of Christianity, pre-eminent for the strictness of their morals and their joy in martyrdom. Just imagine that the Epistle had first existed in a Marcionite draft. But in doing so they were unconsciously serving his purpose, for his death was the price by which the God of love purchased men from the creator of the world.

He had many more gripes as well, but those four are the gist of it. Books by Adolf von Harnack.

Anderson marked it as to-read Aug 26, And then Marcion’s various textual excisions are to be understood as “epicycling,” the multiplication of hypotheses, special pleading on behalf of his paradigm. The characteristic of Marcion’s teaching is just this, that as soon as we seek to raise his ideas from the sphere of practical considerations to that of a consistent theory, we come upon a tangled knot mwrcion contradictions.


Adolf von Harnack

Robert marked it as to-read Sep 27, Others reverted to the common dualism, God of the spirit and god of matter. Here is a frank recognition that there is no meaningful “Judeo-Christian Tradition,” that to maintain that there is, is a veiled attempt to co-opt the older religion in the interests of the younger.

Some see the work of Harnack as a reaction to this development; Harnack embraced the historical-critical method for interpreting the bible, and was very willing to challenge the authenticity of some biblical texts, whilst at the same time he defended key aspects of the traditional interpretation of Christian history, for example by arguing the the book of Acts was composed at an early date.

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Thierry Guitard marked it as to-read Mar 03, As regards the prophets, it was the outer sacrificial worship, and the deliverance was the idea of Jehovah’s righteousness. Because he rejected the allegoric interpretation of the Old Testament, and explained its predictions as referring to a Messiah of the Jews who was yet to come, he seemed to be a Jew Tertull.

Because he deprived Christianity of the apologetic proof the proof from antiquity he seemed to be a heathen and a Jew at the same time see my Texte u. But it only seems so.

Adolf von Harnack

The idea of a deliverance of all men, which seems to follow from his doctrine of boundless grace, was quite foreign to him. Markus Dialogue II, 19 twice: Of course, had Marcion read Feyerabend, this wouldn’t have stopped him it didn’t anyway! Rhonda Grossley added it Sep 14, Withney Just rated it it was amazing Dec 07, Perhaps we might be excused for saying that, even in Harnak misunderstood Marcion at this or that point, no one in the history of scholarship has understood Marcion as empathetically as Harnack.

Open Preview See a Problem? This topic has always fascinated me and this book is a one-stop-shop for all that is Marcion and his church. Want to Read saving…. As the law which governs the world is inflexible, and yet, on the other hand, full of contradictions, just and hranack brutal, and as the law of the Old Testament exhibits the same features, so the god of creation was to Marcion a being who united in himself the whole gradations of attributes from justice to malevolence, from obstinacy to inconsistency.


If we think of the lofty demands he made on Christians, and, on the other hand, ponder the results that accompanied his activity, we cannot fail to wonder. Marcion, like Paul, felt that the religious’ value of a statutory law with commandments and ceremonies, was very different from that of a uniform law of love.

Kalina Bahchevanova marked it as marcikn Sep 11, Jerome, Commentary on Galatians: Marcion did not accept it in principle, 14 but touched it lightly and adopted certain inferences.

Finally, the theories of Gnosticism, the paradoxes of Marcionn, the recognition of the duty of strictly mortifying the flesh, suggested to Marcion the idea that the good God was the exalted God of the spirit, and the just god the god of the sensuous, of the flesh. But the distinction found here is not the harjack one. Joshua marked it as to-read Apr 21, To Marcion it was the sum of all that the past had amrcion as a revelation of God: The footnotes exceed the text itself and provide the most interesting information, the various references used to support the readings.

He was the first who laid the firm foundation for establishing what is Christian, because, in view of the absoluteness of his faith, 38 he had no desire to appeal either to a secret evangelic tradition, or to prophecy, or narcion natural religion. Here we have the means of accurately harnaci what part of this structure of the second century has come down from the Apostolic age and is really based on tradition, and what does not. Harnack can be understood as laboring mightily to bring his readers to view Marcion as standing in continuity with the Lutheran tradition.