View and Download ECS K7S5A Pro user manual online. K7S5A Pro Motherboard pdf manual download. Mainboard User’s Manual. This publication Neither this manual, nor any of the material contained herein, may be .. Mainboard (K7S5A) Installation Notes. Hi guys, I have this motherboard, ECS EliteGroup K7S5A Socket A friend gave it to me with no manual or driver. Each time i search for such.

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You will need to follow the onscreen instructions, confirm commands and allow the computer to restart a few times to complete installing whatever software you selected to install: They areprovided only for the convenience of the customer. The manufacturer is not responsible for any BIOS flash failure.

The Auto setting will detect and available address. This item allows users to adjust the Northbridge voltage. By continue browsing our website, you are hereby aware of and agree on ECS’ use of cookies by clicking ‘ok’.

Beforeusing the Setup Utility, ensure that you understand the Setup Utility options. IrDA, the resources are allocated to the onboard IR port.

In this manual, default values are enclosed in parenthesis. We recommend you to leavethis item at the default value. The information in this document is subject to change without. Use the cursor arrow keys to scroll through the items in the submenu. Do not remove any memory module from its antistatic packaging until youare ready to install it on the motherboard.

About the ManualThe manual consists of the following: If not, Not Installed displays. When you see this message, press the Delete key and the Main menu page of the Setup Utility appears on your monitor. LPT Onboard parallel port header9.


The hancbuch and driver lists will bedifferent according to the motherboard you are installing. After you have installed the mainboard into a case, you can begin connecting the mainboard components. The following Windows Setup screen appears listing both drivers:.

ECS K7S5A Pro User Manual

Connecting Optional Devices Follow these instructions to install an add-on card: The notice of Intel HD audio installation optional: The system will automatically detect the kind of CPU that you have installed and make the appropriate adjustments to the items on this page. However, there is no guarantee that interferencewill not occur in a particular installation. Always go to the correct folderfor the kind of OS 7ks5a are using. Some hardware specifications and software items are subject to changewithout prior ,7s5a.

The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Connect the standard power supply connec- tor to ATX1.

When installing a CPU heatsink and cooling fan make sure that you DO NOT scratch the mainboard or any of the surface-mount resistors with the clip of the cooling fan. Other names used in this publication may be trademarks and are. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

After thePOST routines are completed, the following message appears: Disable Vista UAC function before installing drivers, then use CD driver to installdrivers, it will continue to install drivers after system restart without running blockedprograms. You must use an ATX power supply in order to use this feature. The computer will restart automatically.

Press Enter to view and verify details. Your computer uses this information to initialize all the components when booting up and functions as the basis for coordination between system components.

Make sure that your case has sufficient power and space forall drives that you intend to install.



Block Multi-Sector Transfer Auto If the feature is enabled, it will enhance hard disk performance by reading or writingmore data during each transfer. Cet appareil numrique de la classe B respecte toutes les exigences du Rglement surle matriel brouilieur du Canada. Press the module down into the socket so that the retaining latches rotate up and secure the k7s5x in handbucy by fitting into notches on the edge of the module. If the opening screen does not appear; double-click the file setup.

Front Panel Audio header This header allows the user to install auxiliary front-oriented microphone and line-out ports for easier access. Theclock speed and system bus are determined by the kind of processor you have in-stalled in your system. Parallel Port Mode Use this item to set the parallel port mode. Use the cursor arrow keys to scroll through the items in thesubmenu.

Drives can be 3. Do not overtighten the screws as this can stress the main- board. When setting the jumpers, ensure that the jumpercaps are placed on the correct pins.

These connectorsare well designed and will only fit in one orientation. Installing Add-on Cards The slots in this mainboard are designed to hold expansion cards and connect them to handbuuch system bus. Please refer to the CPU cooling fan users manual for more detail installation procedure. Pin 1 is labeled. To achieve better airflow rates and heat dissipation, we suggestthat you use a high quality fan with rpm at least.