With respect to trademarks: HackMaster is a registered trademark of Kenzer and Company. Hacklopedia of Beasts, the Kenzer and Company logo. I’m reviewing the Hackmaster PHB. The HackMaster Player’s Handbook, from the cover, is unmistakably a parody of the Player’s Handbook. HackMaster, the game of choice for the Knights of the Dinner Table. As for cost, the Hackmaster PHB costs the same as most other main gaming system books.

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Also be advised that it will be expensive- Not only do you need to buy the PH and GMG buut you will also need multiple Monster Mannuals- perhaps a part of the joke again, remember the 2nd ed. Now a group of six kobolds might actually kill a character or two if you’re not careful.

If hackmastfr keep your honor high you get bonuses to dice rolls and encounters, if its to low, well Like new with only the slightest wear, many times indistinguishable from a Mint item.

Ability scores are improved with time in Hackmaster. Talents are what feats are for D20, just some special knowledge or talent which could bot be learned as a skill. Are you considered a lowly deck swab or are you cheered when you walk down the cobbled streets of Farzey? Talking about Building Points: The overwhelming majority of rules for this game come straight from the old 1st ed.


Chapter twelve is combat and this is another one hacmkaster my favorites because it’s EASY! Most HackMaster characters even have one or more weaknesses that make the road to hero even more difficult.


The Piazza

Tuesday, 20th March, Wednesday, 11th April, Hacklopedia of Beasts 4 – Hoar Fox to Medusa. If you like those in-jokes, you’ll find the parody element of Hackmaster funny.

This bonus or penalty phh significant enough so that player’s spend a lot of time worrying about their Honor as the game is played. Building points allow you to buy talents and skills.

HackMaster Player’s Handbook

Some of the older charts have been modified Stats between 11 and 14 are no longer “worthless”. With this concept you as a gamemaster get a handy tool with which you let the group find solutions for inner group problems. This is not to say that other games are not fun, but I submit to you, gentle reader, that the journey from hero to superhero is less rewarding and therefore less enjoyable than the journey from average to hero to superhero.

The third chapter is about the classes and there are a lot in the core rules allready.

Despite the claims of others that Hackmaster is a game with a great deal of errata, I find this not to be the case. Board games in this condition may be played but show little to no wear. Equipment has availability codes, so you hackmasger just find that elven chain your battlemage so desires.

Still in the original factory shrink wrap, with condition visible through shrink noted. Sections such as getting your party charter in order, economics, and other matters make it clear that Hackmaster is supposed to be a gameworld in its own right. It’s much more than a fun system! I have played this game. The major rules mechanics added were: In HackMaster, your character will be asked time and time again to display true heroism, to overcome personal and situational deficiencies and rise to the challenge.


I really can’t say, since I’ll never know what it’s like to do that. As a player the creation process is much more fun than many other systems out there, as a gamemaster rule concepts like honor and fame provide you with a great tool to keep your group under control without using the alignement rule club!

The fourth chapter is about the story behind the Charakter. Join Date Dec Posts We root for him as he overcomes the odds on his journey to becoming one of the most storied heroes of Middle Earth. Well to begin with, many of the class descriptions have been modified, and are somewhat sillier then the original rules.

Certainly, playing a roving band of superheroes a la the Justice League has its place, but arguably this is far less heroic than a commoner rising to the challenge.

HackMaster Player’s Handbook

If that’s not what you’re looking for, you’ll probably do better to stick to the third-party d20 books that are being published today. Therefor, you have a lot of skills but you have alot buiilding points, too. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, ,