Dec 1, The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is a time jobs available to the local residents for maintenance, technical and security positions. Page Revised technical memorandum from G. A. Many technological ―notes‖ could be played by HAARP-type military box – PL/GP Technical Memorandum No. This document which explains the. The U.S. military calls its zapper HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Technical Memorandum No. This document which explains the military.

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Later he developed an electronic device for communication with the brain.

However, the project’s internal documents indicate that plans include the eventual use technkcal power levels up to ten billion watts. The essentials are roughly as follows.

The fact is however, that HAARP is a military experiment aimed at invasively manipulating the ionosphere by beaming high energy upward from the ground. Ionospheric heaters are a very specialized area of research. Watt after watt of ever-increasing avalanche energy lit the polar cap with a glare that had never before been seen She also recalled that a scientist from Princeton, New Jersey, Dr.

Military documents say it is intended to disrupt portions of the ionosphere electrically active layer above the upper atmosphere by heating it with powerful pulsed radio frequency beams. Especially missing were biologists and independent atmospheric physicists, if there are any such independents.

This trail circled back to the Eastlund patents mentioned earlier. Begich replied by telephoning her in Vancouver. Formerly called the ionospheric research lab, it has become Communications and Space Sciences. Jeane Manning was a writer who had just completed technicao manuscript. He replied that the plasma physicists wanted to control the northern lights to learn more about the physics technicsl created them.

Looking at it in terms of burning the gas on the spot to power a huge generator and make electricity, Eastlund realized that they were talking billions of watts of electricity, not just the millions watts put out by a city’s megawatt power plant. This lends him a degree of independent judgment which compels us to quote him at length: If you lose your leg, that’s damage, but if it is just cut, that’s not damage. Other intended uses include weather modification, lifting large regions of the atmosphere, and intercepting incoming missiles,” Williams came up with a pithy one-word description of the concept – skybusting.


Above the energy of the maximum, the cross section declines.

HAARP Project: Ground Based ‘Star Wars’

Previously neither of the Zickuhrs had run into fringe political views about, for a mild example, “black budget projects” which not even legislators know about, Barbara later reflected that “For me, it was an exercise in social restraint, which isn’t my gift. In attendance were several members of the Russian Duma including Vitaliy Sevastyanov one of the delegates haatp below. There’s a spun liquid mercury mirror that’s being put in. For example, for test purposes over the years, the nuclear armed countries have exploded more than 2, nuclear weapons, mostly near the Earth’s surface or under ground.

However, the particles are only times farther apart from each other than at ground level, but they collide with each other very much less frequently, and also travel much further between collisions. Manning remembered that Clare Zickuhr once came up with a melodramatic name for this innocuous appearing installation – the Monster in the Wilderness.

No one really knows how ionospheric experiments will affect that balance, or what the earth will do in response to try to restore balance. In these pages you will meet some of the people, from the Alaskan bush to a Princeton science laboratory, who courageously dug into the topic and, in the process, mobilized many other people. The significant feature which distinguishes HAARP from other ionospheric heater projects operating around the world is the focusing capability of this particular design.

During a phone interview he noted that the main radar for high frequency ionospheric heating experiments at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, haarl significantly heat the memorabdum ionosphere as well as the upper.

Gregory had been sending her articles which indicated that electric forces do affect the weather, so it came as no surprise. In the RFP Request for Proposal for the project, for example, they stated that generation of relativistic electrons was one of the objectives of the program.

Prentice-Hall, NJ,pg. Siun Akasofu, head of the University of Alaska’s Geophysical Institute, argued that speaking about the focusing is misleading and that even if the radio-frequency technicao is focused, ” People still feel powerless. Bill Jones of Los Angeles was a physicist, retired naval officer and former Top Gun pilot, who spoke about Nikola Testa’s place in history.

Such activity could potentially disrupt natural systems on the earth and high above it. For example, in contrast with the cautiously-worded comment of Dr.

Tesla’s love of nature seemed to be a contradiction to his desire to arrogantly manipulate it – to light up the sky.


HAARP and Technical Memorandum 195

A single massive injection of energy into the atmosphere violently disturbs its properties, memorandun as Van Allen showed, the effect can last for a year or more.

The same loud-voiced man, whom we will call Gregory Jones, was talking to another man and the two drew her into conversation. Jones fechnical told about incidents such as the time in 1955 Tesla described how radar could work. I am generally in favor of the program, but the oversight monitoring of the project stinks. What is new about HAARP and should give grounds for concern is the much tecbnical power level contemplated and the hugely greater power flux aimed at in the projected transmission.

The astonishing feature of the ELF applications is that they would affect the populations of the senders as much, if not more fechnical the population of an enemy.

Afterward, Manning waited outside the meeting room door on the sun-dazzled patio, and stopped Shanny as he came out. Their plan was to explode six thermonuclear bombs underground at Cape Thompson, Alaska, to dig a harbor. It looks like you’re using an Ad Blocker. The larger the fraction of atoms that are ionized, the more highly conducting the ionosphere will be electrically, and the better it will be able to reflect electromagnetic waves within certain ranges of wavelengths.

Hecksher says, is going to be a complex of incoherent scatter radars, some imaging devices. It will “boil the upper atmosphere “.

History and Applications of HAARP Technologies: The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

Could what begins in its simplistic form, safe and controllable, later be used as a weapon by increasing the level of energy, and possibly detrimental effects, over selected areas?

Proposals included removal of the Arctic ice pack, damming of the Technidal Strait and rerouting Siberian rivers.

They’re a big tedhnical contractor. These noisy impulses will vibrate geomagnetic flux lines, sending vibrations all through the geomagnetic web, even as a single thunderstorm’s lightning flashes emit pulses felt globally by sensitive sensors. And they do the black hidden budget stuff for Los Alamos. The reflecting properties of the highly ionized layer at short wavelengths are likely to be crucial.