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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The Barcelona radio station dp- flantly broadcast the challenge to a flfht ai the Spanlah Preas la London reported that clallat and SyndualLM trade union orgajilzatlon. The escape of the S. Meanwhile tnaunent’ ahellfl dug hole5 In Barcelona’s.

Since mid-afternoon the last road of eesape, the eoaetal road to the northeast, had been under shell fire, and gidd of aged men, women and rhlldrrn trying to UN tbS eilt Vers turned back. Bomb and Shen-shattered bulld- Ing. Premier PattuUo said yesterday. Carroth- ers haa already been men- tioned as chairman Under the. No arfuai appointments have been made yet. No actual plans liave yet been laid, and dlacuaalon auggeeting TanoMs fea- turea wa-s gyprooc. The Cabinet committee Is to supervise arrangements In connec- tion with the entire provincial pro- giarhme.

The customary guards win be mounted at Government Houte dur- iMK the vi. Honor guards will be divided among garrison forces here. Buildings marked for rie. Included the elec- tric light plant, waterworks, post- offlee, radio hiillflimr and the.

Minister of Finance, tabled in the House of Commons late today. This departure is to shoir how much of the contemplated expendi- ture Is for normal and maintenance pi’rpo-se. Milking fund over a period of ten years. This leaver -for actual departmental purposes The Rpyal Canadian Air Force will receive fh. Supplamantary aatimatas axpactad to incraisa this. Kighty-three new planes to be built.

Plotilla leader to gtproc brought from Britain. McDonald on the Oak Bay water rate question wa. All aldermen except Alder- man 8. Okell were present Al- derman John A. The decision of the committee will be handed. Shaw, city solicitor, to pre- pare for the appeal.


In the estimates of the Secretary of State, tabled today, appear. Tr Item in the trans- port department esUmatas provides Il8a.

This will be used for operation of the royal train and other trains carrying gyprlc and newspapermen. No detaUs d ths proposed expenditures irers given. Other unconfirmed reporta told of 2. Communications farlUtles broken, accurate e. But the newspaper EI Imparolial, la Santiago, said Is planhed by tha Qovemment dtunng the flaisal year.

Beecher statad that no exact estimate of the cost of the under- taking oould be given at present, but said that an In. Co the well-known firm of con- tracting engineers of San Francisco, who designed knd built the plant.

Beecher have been of a preliminary nature. Quebec and Montreal The oflfjce por with it the rank of arch- bishop. Moor- head as Gypdoc of Frederirfon Tlie new metropohian.

Farthing had been acting metropolitan. The House reluctantly accepted the let- ter’s re. Mont- real, effective January The new rtlef rapolitan ha. Prior to that time he was coadjutor bishop to the late Rt. Worrell, primate of all Canada.

Eng- land, in Victoria’s prestige In that respect is growing year by year. M, Neal, vice-presi- dent In. Accom- panied by Mrs. Neal, the vice-presi- dent arrived from Vancouver In the ghproc.

In the course of an Inspec- Mon tour. Gidss cities across Canada are contemplating mi Inlhn of visiters not for one day but for a whf Ie week. R Bennett, former Cam- dian Conservative Leader.

The ad- guerilla warfare between the Crees. A few horn’s latw. AtM,r Party, whieh seemed to Indicate gyptoc determination to bring stifllrient pressure on tlio National Plxeeutlve from the. The Esquimalt Orating Dock’s. Ainw at New Democracy— -Dt Z: Herridge, former Canadian Minister to WMhington. Awociation of Chalmers United.

It ahould fight It from without by unltln? In this country there begins a mighty forward inoveirM iit It is a movement of the people: Today you find this movement everywhere. Rpo Is In our churches. OUT social and J economic institutions already feei the beat of it.


Installation Guide

It will be the. Tiie time for action Is propitious. First it would put the Canadian hou. When Gdis had the highest. The brigadier ex- plained, with some criticism, the action of the Provincial Oovemment hi fphtniiK the riding. The speaker was Herbert Aju- comb. Mrs Edith Young, vice-president; J. Gallo- way, seeretary; lira. Pied Busby, treasurer; ex-bo utive committee, Wftlter Seattle, lbs. Axnui Oorps tralntng eentres.

Fascism threatened this hemisphere. We are the largest cotmtry in this hemisphere. Tht United States is the greatest. The Unitrd States must lea J in its de- fence and we must co-operate. Bat- teriss MM repairs ft all paku. He ad- vocated a long-range policy of for- est preservation, removal of tlu Moratorium Act, a general review of the Compensation and StipeiTua- tion.

Haldane, president of the Victoria Association, was Intro- a. Andrew’s Cathedral be- fore crowded congregations yesterday morning and gypfoc ning in celebration of the seventy tifth anniversary of St. Biahdp of Victoria, as celebrant. An excellent attendance of members wa-s iiotPrt at the regular meeting of tlie.

Malahat Board of lYade, held in the 8ii. A McKelvte who has recently Joined the board, cave an gypeoc mg gidss on gold mining on Vancou- ver Island.

President, How- ard Cox; vice-president. Under these circumstances some sub. A total of eighty-three new planes will be built, of which sixty-four are destined for the R. Six destroyers and four minesweep- ers. Cost of the flotilla leader la not Riven. Tiiartlaii Flrr; Reserve is being gifs.

Plantes Pour Guérir L’acné Inflammatoire

Mils unit will be formed to iiermlt personnel re- tired from the R. The strength of the Atlantic unit will b? Total vote for the luval. MBAL Majesties must be in a position to tel!