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I would view these events as simultaneous. How can one church require baptism, and another not, and yet there be only one baptism? Yet, his vocabulary makes it obvious that he is no objective theologian. I, along with many Evangelical believers, have done enough research on the text of the Bible to find it credible, historical, an account of what really happened.

The God I believe in does not work that way. None of these people would argue this, and I do not argue it.

The rule in that respect is—What God has spoken, and what has been accepted by the Church as the word of God, by that, and that only, are we bound in doctrine. Roberts further explained that only those things within the Standard Works and those presented for a sustaining vote by the First Presidency and Council of the Twelve Apostles is binding upon the Church and its members:.

But men still have their agency. Near the end of the first century, the apostolic record came to a sudden close. It was to this charge that Jesus answered by quoting Psalms Adam and Eve would have lived on indefinitely in a married state in the garden prior to the fall—this is true.

Early Signs of the Apostasy – ensign

Paul was not alone among the Apostles in prophesying doom for early Christianity. Isolated statements are often taken out of context, leaving their original meaning distorted. Thus, when speaking as the prophet what he says is binding. Although historians may argue about the actual time frame of the first vision, the fact remains that Joseph Smith was aware of the revivals among the protestant churches.


When I was LDS that was talmag perplexing. If the anti-Christ has already established himself as such in the temple then we are in the middle of the great tribulation right now.

As to your response to talmave I said concerning Adam, your response is not very common, and in truth many traditional Christians have agreed with the argument. Thirdly, you yourself admitted that the Chatholic church was likely in Apostacy.

But the same concerns do not apply to both functions.

Now, about 2 Thess. Correct me if I am wrong but you have to either take part in various rituals in life grah have them preformed in your name after death?

I do not at all require that the fulfillment be enclosed in the Biblical text. Saving Doctrines from the Book of Mormon. You have to have had ties before they can be cut, remember your Church is born by declaring all of Christianity as apostate, no prejudice to be found there.

If Fosdick had managed to hold on until then, he probably would not have been ousted.

Thus, while we will all live on this Earth, our spirit children will inherit the Earth created for them. No preconceived man made theology there. When it is from God we can, and truly must take it as such or be condemned.

Orchestration Theory – James E. PERONE

In 2 Peter, the chief Apostle foretold the introduction of false teachers into the Church: However, at other times, as he will freely admit, he may unintentionally share something that is his opinion and may not be correct. We have seen also that it happened—slowly at first, but with increasing speed in each succeeding decade.


For LDS, the priesthood was lost during the apostasy; therefore a restoration was needed to restore that authority to men again. It did not come out of him except his thoughts but from pre-existing matter that is found in abundance through the existance. I see what you mean here, but the problem is the Bible makes a significant distinction between the created and the Creator. This is where the topic of celestial marriage really takes a nose-dive as far as Biblical support goes.

You cannot accept the books written by the authorities of the Church as standards of doctrine, only in so far as they accord with the revealed word in the standard works. Christ has always been at the head of his church, but that does not mean his church has always been on this earth. You just remember what the Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians.

Similar authors to follow

As Elder James E. Available for download now. What you say is true, it is through Christ that we are called the sons of God, but which God? Thus Paul is telling us that the Falling Away had graan started.

But, we are the only living beings that will go on to live forever. He mentioned two men guilty of spreading false doctrine who had ruined the faith of some by teaching that the final resurrection had already taken place.

When he speaks apostasiq own thoughts he will tell you it is his own thoughts. You might not accept their view of you, but the fundamentalist groups view the LDS church as completely apostate.