16 quotes from Godfré Ray King: ‘The feeling activity of Life is the most unguarded point of human consciousness. It is the accumulative energy by which . The first book is entitled Unveiled Mysteries and is written by Godfré Ray King. After doing a little googling, I discovered that this is the pen. Results 1 – 28 of 28 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Godfre-Ray-King books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 19 million titles.

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I mean, they knew that the knowledge of Inner Purity had to come from the self, and so if people were screwing up, it meant that they had chosen to screw up on purpose and that they had a lot more to learn. He; feels himself—’One’—with Omnipresent God—’Life. From It, you may receive without limit Courage, Strength, Power, Protection, and Guidance which will take you through any ordeal you may ever encounter. Beyond that were treasure rooms filled with lost treasures from sunken Kijg ships, as well as Atlantis, Mu, Greece, Rome, Gobi, Egypt, Chaldea, Babylon, and other places.

In so many ways, visible and invisible, they are helping us to help each other. This one, clear and white and sparkling, gives him strength and clarity of mind.

Blind Leading Blind, Pt 2.

Fearlessly use the conscious knowledge and direction of this “Mighty I AM Energy” for your freedom, prosperity, blessing and enlightenment.

I tell you the need of guarding the feeling cannot be emphasized too strongly for control of the emotions plays the most important part of anything in Life, in maintaining balance in the mind health in the body-success and accomplishment in the affairs and world of the personal self of every individual.

The first chapter is about how King met up with the long-dead Count of Saint Germain while hiking on a trail on Mount Shasta, in California, in So here we go. Feel Good Stories Intro. During the party a great Cosmic Master appeared from the Great Silence not sure what that means, but some kind of primordial godspace I thinkberated everyone todfre being jerks, fay teleported the royal family away. King is back in town, and is awakened by a dove with a govfre in its mouth.


The first five minutes—while holding this picture—recognize—and feel intensely—the connection between the outer self bodfre Your Mighty God Within—focusing your attention upon the heart center—and visualizing it—as a Golden Sun.

Guy Ballard

The treasures were to be held until some future date when they would be put to use. It is asserted by these religions that the Master Godfre’s previous incarnations were: Dangers of Channeling, 1.

Each of you is a glittering, dazzling Jewel of Light projected into a world of chaos and darkness, that the Radiance of your Light may expand, expand, and again expand, that all darkness of the earth be consumed in this Mighty Radiance of the “I AM Presence,” which you are. The best of Godfre Ray King 3 ratings. Flying on a Pegasus. Turning around, he noticed a young man standing next to him whom he at first took to be a fellow hiker.

The “I AM” Activity started from public lectures about these encounters and grew rapidly in the s.

Newton, KansasUnited States. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. It’s largely through Godfre’s books that the world first learned about Saint Germain.

After the lecture and the drinking, King went back down into the godre. One bit of jargon that I like that I want to make note of here: Notify me of new comments via email.

The I AM Discourses 55 ratings. After doing a little googling, I discovered that this is the pen name of Guy Ballard, the fellow who founded the church. A new Dispensation was given so that the Ascension could be gained in the finer body without taking the physical body, as Jesus had done.

Godfre Ray King

These appetites in the feeling nature of mankind are in themselves but an accumulation of energy which the individual through his thought and feeling has given a quality of one kind or another.

What you imagine or think or dream is your Inner Life. King stays and has the best sleep of his whole life, thanks to the magic sleeping bag, and is awakened in the morning by the cougar. Ballard served in the Kking. There was also a panel that was a sort of Universal Mirror that showed the past, present, and the future, and could even show scenes on Venus.


Godfré Ray King Quotes (Author of Unveiled Mysteries)

Of course, poor Pluto has klng demoted, so there are eight again. They were so spiritually pure that govfre of them could fly. From these Great Ascended Realms they continue to help the world by pouring down to us streams of light and love, which protect, illumine, and uplift us from our own self-created misery. Saint Germain talked about life and death and rebirth, and reincarnation, and a sort of karmic system of consequences.

He suggested chanting it three times a day. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: During the lecture, Saint Germain conjured up a glass of some milky liquid, and King drank it.

It was a hot August day inand he was fifty-two years old. Mary, Mother gdofre Jesus. The re-embodied King wakes up, and Saint Germain offers him another magic beverage. But these guys, in the Sahara, were quite advanced and had quite a city. Advanced Guidance Pt 2.

And when it is necessary to render specific services that can not be done in any other way, the Ascended Ones appear in bodies so tangible that the people who happen to see, or interact with them, think that they are just ordinary human beings.

Doing rag, Godfre was surprised to feel a vivifying, consciousness-raising activity spreading through him. The civilizations included the Saharans, as well as Oing, Mu, and others. He popped back into his body, and Saint Germain conjured up some small cubes and commanded King to eat them. Ballard was born in Newton, Kansas and married his wife in Chicago in Retrieved from ” https: