Apr 3, Hi, I have found on internet that some people do recommend The PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible book as one that must be. Aug 18, Go to the only place which has all the resources Best GMAT Tests, Books, Courses, Discounts with over members. Seriously, this portal is a goldmine. GMAT Materials Used 1) Manhattan GMAT Complete Strategy Guide Set (except the CR guide) 2) The PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible.

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DanaJ on April 9th, at If you can lend your guidance then it will be a great help. Alex Reply to this comment. Sometimes that’s too tiring and you’re better off just practicing, but in poerscore case as long as you don’t take more than one per week you should be fine. The PowerScore book is pretty awesome and will help with inference questions that you’ll sometimes see in RC toobut it won’t help what you describe reading and understanding the passage.

Here is what I have planned: The main reason for my strategy is the fact that reading without being influenced by the question helps you better evaluate the prompt without the stress to immediately identify your answer. If they’re finite or not, I can’t say for sure.


The PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible: Book Review:

Please review your cart. I am comfortable with the scoring pattern bibble issues, but I am more sensitive to the quality of qs for all 3 sections.

Reply to this comment.

Now, I am looking some more practice questions besides the ones in OG and in those books. This is what I’ve noticed anecdotally, but it’s not gmxt guarantee. I have been using those books and those books have helped me to great extent.

Alex on November 13th, at If you liked this article, let Dana Jinaru know by clicking Like. Practice is always good, but there should be some structure to it. Have you gone through these books with a pen and paper at hand, taking notes?

How to Score on the GMAT

DanaJ on March 13th, at I have not tried an of the three minidrills you mention, but I suspect they share the issues that all questions have. When it comes down to analyzing questions, you must be able identify the argument and its parts: I vible to be prepared, but I don’t want to waste time and funds if the books are totally redundant.


I really want to improve on this part. As always, thank you for the useful review!

DanaJ on November 14th, at 3: The Common Core Mathematics Standards. I completed my engineering and i am ok in quant with basics and stuff. I do find handling CR questions as bit of a challenge.

From amongst the following tests: The one i have has pages and 14 chapters, is that the same one you are talking about. Krish on March 25th, at 1: I have scheduled the GMAT at the end of this month, though can delay it by a week or two. Next, start working on the answer choices and powersclre which one fits best.

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The review must be at least 50 characters long. It’s something you acquire by practicing, I believe.

The PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible: Book Review

I scored in GMAT prep. Kris on May 21st, powerwcore To view a free chapter of this book, click here. Thank you so much. The powerscore CR is a great book.