We supply and manufacture Cordless Phone batteries and battery packs. Download and view manual or user guide SIEMENS GIGASET QUICKSTART Mobile phone online. Click here to go to download SIEMENS GIGASET. Click on image to enlarge. AA – AA mAh NiMH Cordless Phone Battery This Cordless Phone battery will fit the SIEMENS GIGASET Cordless Phone.

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The answering machine is switched off. The jack on the gkgaset part of the base station housing has the following symbol: Display the next emergency number.

Delivery will exceed standard 24 hours. From the mobile unit I 9 Press the keys on the mobile unit in order to call the answering machine. Thank you for calling.

You can then check this number on the display, e. The tone ringing which has been set is heard; the volume which has been set is indicated: Connect the telephone plug of the telephone connecting cable to the telephone socket.

Display after the handset volume has been set displays in idle state: The key click is activated in the default setting.

Siemens Gigaset Operating instructions |

There is a reminder announcement: If this function has been deactivated, you must givaset c giggaset removing the mobile unit from the charger unit. To select the advisory message, switch the operating mode to: The user is called.

Meaning of the keys for entering procedures Gigzset current class of service of the selected mobile unit is shown on the display: The symbol C on the display flashes. If your Gigaset is linked to a PBX telecommunications systemyou may have to press a further key or keys to obtain an outside line.


O0 2 0B Select 3-second pause default. Selecting the operating mode 9 1 This is followed by the announcement: This item will be sold as ‘special order’. This menu option is selected.

B 8C o B Start the procedure. To select announcement 1, giyaset the operating mode to: The default PIN of your mobile unit is If the mobile unit is not in the base station or charger unit: Slide the cover for the battery compartment into the groove on the mobile unit and close the compartment.

Gigaset 1015

Select the trunk code. However, in view of the many different varnishes and polishes currently used for furniture, the possibility of telephone gigasett leaving marks on the mounting surface cannot be entirely ruled out.

B3 6 1B Start the procedure. B Store the setting. Each mobile unit can be used to make calls in the radio range of both base stations.

Self-help in the event of a fault Only then does it search for the current base station. With the default setting, the answering machine outputs several messages one after the other without pauses.

SIEMENS GIGASET 1015 Cordless Phone Battery for SIEMENS GIGASET 1015 Cordless Phone

Setting pitch of mobile unit tone ringing You can set the pitch of the tone signals at your mobile unit. If tone ringing is to be audible at the base station, you can set the volume as required. This has the following advantages: The answering machine is playing the announcement or a caller is in the process of speaking a message on to the answering machine. The number of the current message is indicated on the 2-digit LED display at the base station.


You can also program the type of announcement which callers receive. Press R to take the waiting external call. The giaset keys beneath the display are not the same as on the standard mobile unit. The advisory message operating mode is set automatically if the message memory is full.

The default code does not work in this case. All settings are made directly at the mobile unit. The loudspeaker is switched off.

siemens gigaset инструкция – Google Drive

You can then repeat the input. This chapter contains basic user information and descriptions of important procedures for operation in conjunction with the Gigaset base station. AXB The answering machine The answering machine The answering machine of the Gigaset offers you the following capabilities: When the answering machine is in the announcement mode, you can take calls in higaset usual way on hearing the ringing signal. This is the only place I found this manual.

During the recording, the number of seconds which have elapsed can be read off the 2-digit LED display at the base station. Enter the number again. AXB Important basic settings Changing the system code The system code is a 4-digit code which is entered with important system settings.