Gersony also identified RPF leaders responsible for the killings. The classified U.N. “Gersony Report” has never been released. Sections of the ‘Gersony Report’ . In , as the UNHCR and the U.S. Embassy in Kigali encouraged Rwandan Hutu refugees to come back to Rwanda, reports of wide scale. Gersony Report” is the name given to the unpublished findings made by a team under American Robert Gersony under contract to the.

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In August, a group of Rwandans and foreigners who were in the region to investigate possible development projects encountered a badly frightened man who ran from them when they stopped their vehicle. Principal Findings Repport on information gathered through gersonyy procedures described earlier, following are the principal findings of the Emergency Repatriation Team which affect the prospects for an early large-scale repatriation of Hutu refugees currently residing in neighboring countries: When a survivor at Kabuga asked the RPF officer Gasore about the fate of people at Ndera, near Kigali, he is said to have replied that probably everyone in that region was dead, whether Hutu or Tutsi.

They were both questioned but were eventually permitted to return to their lodgings. Witnesses from Nyaruhengeri commune reported that about a hundred people were killed by RPF soldiers at a meeting at Mumbeho.

No vetting process or attempt to establish the complicity of the victims in the April massacres of the Tutsis was reported. re;ort

The Human Rights Watch investigator photographed the graves and the remains of about twenty people scattered in the nearby woods. At the second meeting, soldiers asked survivors to identify purported killers and they then took those named away in vehicles. Because of this, determining the approximate number of victims slain by the RPF may be even replrt difficult than estimating the numbers of those killed in the genocide.

Gersony Report

Ogata describes Gersony “formalizing his report for presentation to the commision of experts” on October 11, Those taken away did not return. They were ordinarily transported in two vehicles, a Volkswagen Jetta and a minibus. At the end of June and the beginning of July, RPF authorities ordered the people in the central prefecture of Gitarama to move east to the region of Bugesera, in the southern part of Kigali prefecture.


He received a shorter two and a half page statement. Especially since there were a lot of militia left when the city was taken by surprise. In late July or early August, after thousands of people who had fled to the Zone Turquoise returned to Nyamabuye commune in Gitarama prefecture, the RPF was said to have summoned people living in or near the cell Kigarama to a meeting at Gatenzi.

More often they rescued Tutsi with no dramatic confrontation. It had anticipated establishing a civilian administration in territory that it captured and, as mentioned above, had begun gathering information on local communities. Once a crowd had assembled, it was assaulted through sudden sustained gunfire; or locked in buildings into which hand-grenades were thrown; systematically killed with manual instruments; or killed in large numbers by other means.

One evening at about 7 p. They were too many and too much alike to have been unconnected crimes executed by individual soldiers or low-ranking officers. Shortly thereafter the villages are attacked and returnees are killed. Eventually some 35, persons would be housed in Byumba while anotherwould be at Rutare. We are confident that, as agreed by the President of the Commission of Experts, these documents will be treated as confidential and only be made available to the members of the Commission.

Unearthed: “Gersony Report” the U.N. said it never existed.

House-to-house killings, and attacks on villages and displaced populations. Genocide of Tutsis The Government of Rwanda, the UNHCR and the international community have placed considerable emphasis on the early return of all refugees, and particularly gersomy who fled Rwanda during the past year.

In nine UNHCR refugee camps in Burundi, Tanzania, and Zaire, and in 91 locations inside Rwanda, the team conducted more than individual, private interviews of about one hour each with local residents, former displaced persons, spontaneous refugee returnees and current refugees.

Of these, the refugees currently remaining in neighboring countries are in the main Hutu people.

In addition, gersont mission was limited by the absence of a clear agreement between Rwandan authorities and the Reporg. Some individuals who are too old or too sick to flee to a neighboring country or to hide in the swamps, remain at their homes.


In addition, UNHCR representatives had inadvertently discovered a large number of bodies when they made an unannounced visit to a stadium in Kigali which they were considering using for a transit center. You are commenting using your Twitter account. In another case, a member of the human rights group ADL was detained for eight days and warned to give up his human rights activities when he was released.

Some of us were banished abroad, to never come back.

Gersony Report – Wikipedia

The information is sufficient, however, to demonstrate that certain kinds of RPF abuses occurred so often and in such gersoyn ways that they must have been directed by officers at a high level of responsibility.

As RPF soldiers sought to establish their control over the local population, they also killed civilians in numerous summary executions and in massacres. He did it in order to find a secret way to pillage us. Denis Gato, were found guilty and sentenced to prison, Bigabiro for life, Gato for forty-five months. Major John Birasa commanded the troops in Byumba, but most of the higher ranking officers of the general staff were also in the town at thattime.

According to witnesses not connected with the ICRC, the delegate was threatened several times by RPF soldiers, the last time by a Commander Bosco, accompanied by twelve heavily armed soldiers, one of whom pointed a rocket-propelled grenade launcher at his head.

He said that from what he heard, he believed that thousands wereslain in this way. In many cases, the soldiers sought out the targeted persons at their homes and also killed family members or others, presumably to eliminate any witnesses. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Approximately half of them werewomen gerson children.