Genesis Revisited by Zecharia Sitchin – • Was Adam the first test-tube baby? • Did nuclear fission destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? • How were the ancients able. Zecharia Sitchin (July 11, – October 9, ) was an author of books proposing an .. Genesis Revisited: Is Modern Science Catching Up With Ancient. Modern Technology or Knowledge of the Ancients? Space travel Genetic engineering Computer science Astounding achievements as new as.

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Find Sutchin Books Book Value. Armageddon and Prophecies of the Return Earth Chronicles. But again, it’s strangely compelling and is fun to contemplate and talk about while being total conjecture at the same time.

See all customer images. This is a yenesis book to the 7-volume Earth Chronicles and other tomes, which I have now read. In order to do this he interprets reviwited Babylonian theogony as a factual account of the birth of the other “eleven” planets.

Lists with This Book. But then, how did ancient Man know the Bog Bang theory so long ago? I am not one to believe any little thing but Mr. I decided to re read it just for kicks. Because you are one! That is where I stand with this work by Sitchin.

And is modern science catching up on what they knew? The End of Days: ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. He received a degree in economics from the University of Londonand was an zechwria and journalist in Mandatory Palestine which in became the modern state of Israelbefore moving to New York in Lateral Transfer or Gene Loss?


Genesis Revisited by Sitchin, Zecharia

This planet is called Nibiru although Jupiter was the planet associated with the god Marduk in Babylonian cosmology. Please try again later. I read The 12th Planetlike, fifteen years ago and remember thinking, basically, “Cool story, bro.

But stunning recent evidence proves that as these ultramodern advances were known to our forfathers millions of yrsterdays ago. You’ll never look at Genesis, or the Bible the same way again. You may not agree with all of Sitchin’s theories regarding Nibiru and the Anunnaki, revieited his chronology of ancient history and global events is spot-on, and his understanding of Sumerian mythology and language is impeccable.

Stichin claims that humans are a hybrid species developed by an alien life form thousands of years ago. However, sources such as the book Sumerian Lexicon [21] have made the language more accessible to non-experts.

Summary Discuss Reviews 0 Traces topics in contemporary science, such as genetic engineering, back to ancient origins, arguing that alien visitors shaped humankind’s destiny thousands of years ago.

If his view happened to be true, it would answer a great many mysteries that traditional Christian A great philosopher once said an intelligent person can entertain an idea without accepting it. New York and London. Spiral-bound under illustrated boards ; Earth Chronicles; pages. It gave me quite a few more gwnesis to look up.


Genesis Revisited

The Book Nook Published: Ancient Near East portal. I kinda do think he’s right about how the solar system got to be how it is now with the asteroid belt, the differential in revvisited thickness of Earth’s crust, and our disproportionately large moon. Add to Cart Add to Cart.

Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. Sitchen puts together a solid case that humankind has not only been visited by an ancient race of highly advanced beings, that they may have been here as long as modern humans have. Also unexplained is how the Nephilim, who evolved long after Nibiru arrived, knew what happened when Nibiru first entered the solar system. For other uses, see Twelfth planet disambiguation.

For many generations the Bible and its teachings have served as an anchor for a searching Mankind, but modern science appeared to have vast us all adrift, especially in the confrontation between Evolution and Creationism.

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Sep 22, Jennifer Sullivan rated it it was amazing. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! A book linked by the 4 elements: