/ Fractogel® EMD SO3 (S), (M). -. Ion Exchange chromatography using strong cation exchangers. Fractogel® ion exchangers are cross-linked. Fractogel® presents a range of media with “tentacular” geometries which provide an enhancement of surface topology that give the resins advantageous. Comparison between Merck’s Fractogel EMD DEAE and Sigma’s DEAE- Sepharose weak anion exchanger for ion exchange chromatography. I am purifying an.

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Influence of packing velocity on column performance. Djuro Josic 27 Estimated Vractogel Thus, gels made for SEC should have controlled range of size of the pores.


Packing of Toyopearl columns for gel filtration: The most suited and widely distributed packings consist of glycidyl methacrylate copolymers, agarose, or composite gels containing dextran. View in Source Cite fractogeel paper.

Testing was done with three proteins: Size-exclusion chromatography of plasma proteins with high molecular masses. Influence of surface modification fractogsl protein retention in ion-exchange chromatography: Unger University of MainzM.

Resins with good pure aprotinin capacity also performed well for aprotinin in fermentation broth, but the highest relative capacity was obtained with MacroPrep High S having a fairly low pure component dynamic capacity. Determination of alkaline phosphatase aggregation by size exclusion high-performance liquid chromatography with low-angle laser light scattering detection.


Elution of lipoprotein fractions containing apolipoproteins E and A-I in size exclusion on Superose 6 columns is sensitive to mobile phase pH and ionic strength.

Dependence of optimal packing velocity on column size. Packing of toyopearl column for gel filtration: Chromatography Methacrylate Molar mass distribution Organic chemistry Ionic strength Materials science Size-exclusion chromatography Macromolecule Polymer Agarose Glycidyl methacrylate.

Particle size distribution was determined by two independent methods, coulter counting and SEM pictures, with fair agreement. Montelaro Louisiana State University.


One main advantage of SEC is that: Binding strength data of cation-exchange resins as a function of ionic strength depends on the protein, but binding and elution at high salt concentration may in general be performed with Fracgogel resins.

Efficiency results present the expected trend of increasing dependence of plate height as a function of increasing flow rate, and the highest flow dependence was observed for Fractogel EMD COO.

Jerker Porath 49 Estimated H-index: Are you looking for The methacrylate-based copolymer Fractogel EMD BioSEC used for large-scale purification of biological macromolecules is introduced to overcome the drawback derived from the poor pressure stability of soft gels.

Evaluation using different retention models journal of chromatography a [IF: The separation mode is based on the differential penetration of molecules of different size and shape into the pores of the stationary phase.


Fractogel emd deae ml LABWARE Generic Labware

Marina UrmannHeiner Graalfs. Other Papers By First Author. For lysozyme and aprotinin with pI above experimental pH, dependence of pH on retention was generally low, though some pronounced decrease of retention rractogel increasing pH was observed for CM HyperZ. Chun-hua Cai 2 Estimated H-index: New ion exchangers for the chromatography of biopolymers.

Publisher Summary Size exclusion chromatography SEC is the predominant chromatographic technique for determining the molecular weight distribution of macromolecules.

John Westerlund 1 Estimated H-index: Results of this paper may be used in the selection of resins for further testing in biopharmaceutical protein purification process development.

Chatziathanassiou University of Mainz.

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Strong and weak cation-exchangers were compared for a number of chromatographic parameters, i. Daniel Magiera 2 Estimated H-index: The effect of competitive binding from yeast fermentation components on dynamic binding capacity of aprotinin was studied showing a significant decrease in binding capacity.

Cation-exchange chromatography of monoclonal antibodies: Characterisation of a novel stationary phase designed for production-scale purification mabs [IF: Earle Stellwagen 33 Estimated H-index: Yoshio Kato 19 Estimated H-index: