Find great deals on eBay for Focal Speakers in Car Speakers and Speaker Systems. Shop with confidence. Focal® is a trademark of Focal-JMlab®. , rue de l’Avenir – BP – La Talaudière cedex – France – Tel. +33 4 77 43 57 00 – Fax +33 4 77 43 57 Product Information Brand: Focal Audio Model: 7W2 Product Information: mm 7-inch midbass driver speaker. Car Speaker Type: Mid.

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I truely find it VERY hard to believe that focals are unreliable All amps do NOT sound the same As long as you install them right and get them setup with the proper crossover I think they would do VERY well in your setup. Originally Posted by Metal Maxima. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

These tweeters are best suited for custom installations, where brackets are not needed.

FOCAl 7W2 2個セット 左右 Utopia

These are maybe 8 months old or so and haven’t been abused at all. The mounting depth in the doors is about 8cm using stock trim panels, but I could easily make new ones to accomodate deeper speakers like the Scanspeak if necessary. A speaker is only as good as the room you put it in. So, anyone have opinions what would be a nice match for the TLRs in this setup. Not sure what he’s allowed to sell via internet these days, being that he is the only Rainbow dealer left in the US with any product, but he’d be the go-to guy.


See if they have any extra TLR’s over there!! Originally Posted by max94se.

Focal Speakers

I accidentally pushed a piece of my doo molding 7q2 the surround on the other, but Duane from Focal’s distributor in the US graciously told me to send them back to him and had his tech repair them for free!

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Max Focak and Security Position: I may try a foam ring around the radius and a very slight horn mounting if the reflections are too bad. Send a private message to Metal Maxima. Great sounding bookshelf speakers. I have experience with both rainbow and focal. Since when can’t a guy chime in with a suggestion? Note that 7w are case-sensitive. I’ve heard the 7w2 drivers in focsl Golf 4 a buddy of mine build, and I really liked them.

It’s all in the install. Tweeters do not include any other accessories. I am not sure which line I should get though. I just would like a little guidance from someone who may have some insight on both these brands. Originally Posted by Pearl96Max.

The rest of my system is as follows: Rebuild underway as well The Rainbows that I’ve heard never seem to have the detail of the Focals. I need a pair if backups.

Í× Focal Utopia 7w2 – Âñ¸ îá àâòîçâóêå

I really liked this car. That IS the time it takes to get hold of a set of 7w2 it seems Actually had to buy a complete set of components, the W set with tweeters and crossovers, but that was fine, nice to have anyway Only 3 days after I had settled with giving up the search, and had finally installed the DD 6,5″ midbasses I got hold of instead, the set appeared for sale just a few countries away, haha Using a odd, but surprisingly successful mix of TangBand fullrange drivers, DD midbasses and FI subwoofer for the time being, I finally have my complete W series setup.


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PM and email sent. I don’t know which of the rainbows that would be equivilant to the K2s and where to buy them becasue no one here sells them and there is only one place that sells Focal.

Focal Speakers | eBay

As for condition, they are a 10 on functionality and an Originally Posted by MannyNJ2k2max. Audio and Electronics Fkcal in-car entertainment systems, audio and video systems, car alarms and other electronics topics.

Just trying to help. No need to spend all that much if less can get you just as happy. The Bookshelf Speaker Par Excellence. I like my edi ‘s.

As it says, I have a set of hand made in Denmark and hand matched prior to shipping to within.