Cuba’s revolutionary leader Fidel Castro has died aged To celebrate the life of this remarkable figure in history, we present a selection from. On trial in Santiago for leading a bloody assault on the city’s Moncada garrison, young revolutionary leader Fidel Castro uttered a phrase in court that would. Fidel Castro: “History Will Absolve Me”. Excerpts from his own defense, delivered at his trial, October Fidel Castro in ; We have fomented a rebellion.

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Dill us leave this statute alone and await the opportunity to apply it to those who really did foment an uprising against the Constitutional Powers of the State. In Siboney I was able to gather a third of our forces; but many of these men were now discouraged. If there had been an iota of truth in even one of the many statements the Dictator made against our fighters in his speech of July 27th, it would abxolve been enough to undermine casto moral impact of my case.

He does not finish off a wounded man, but rather, helps him. I know that I will be silenced for many years; I know that the regime will try to suppress the truth by all possible means; I know that there will be a conspiracy to bury me in oblivion.

Castro: History Will Absolve Me

Saturday, 26 November,2: I am a just man. Why have you brought him to me? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The people were not satisfied with the government officials at that time, but they had the power to elect new officials and only a few days mw before they would do so. But no weaponry, no violence can vanquish the people once they are determined to win back their rights.

I must clarify the fact that I do not for a moment doubt the courage of those men; they experienced great anguish and desperation when they realized they were lost.

Then there are all the great things he claims the revolutionary government would have done if they had come to power. I propose to do all this with utmost clarity. Trivia About History Will Abso Just as I defended the soldiers then, now – when all others are once more silent – I tell them that they allowed themselves to be miserably deceived; and to the deception and shame of March 10th they have added the disgrace, the thousand times greater disgrace, of the fearful and unjustifiable crimes of Santiago de Cuba.

He was a generous and competent man who would have given the same devoted care to the wounded adversary as to a friend. Not since Socrates’ courtroom defense have I found another one so moving–worth reading and re-reading. This book was written by a revolutio What reads as a young revolutionary lawyer’s closing arguments in defense of himself, also serves as documentation of the battle of Moncada, the political atmosphere of Cuba leading up to the countries most recent revolution, and as Fidel Castro’s personal manifesto.


They were kept from this Court so that, under my questioning, they would not be able to testify that – besides Dr. I have a right to express an opinion about the Armed Forces because I defended them when everyone else was silent.

So fascinating to read a book of ideas that was able to motivate people to give their lives for a political cause. Abso,ve was here that he reportedly made his four-hour speech justifying his actions and outlining his plans for Cuba. I must dwell upon the insolence and disrespect which the Army leaders have at all times shown towards you.

Castro was brought before a different court on 16 October for sentencing. What great shame the people have been forced to endure so that a small clique of egotists, altogether indifferent to the needs of their homeland, may find in public life an easy and comfortable modus vivendi.

History Will Absolve Me

When Cuba is freed, we should respect, shelter and aid the wives and children of those courageous soldiers who perished cadtro against us. It was not the revolutionaries who were judged there; judged once and forever was a man named Batista – monstruum horrendum! I was able to prove with exact facts and figures the sums of hixtory that had been spent, the way this money was collected and the arms we had been able to round up.

They are recorded as having died in combat against the Army. That grip, those claws were familiar: He always has some specific purpose and expects some specific reaction, or has a given intention.

It was known that Barriguilla had plundered and murdered, that he was a millionaire, that he owned in Havana a good many apartment houses, countless stock in foreign companies, fabulous accounts in American banks, that he agreed to divorce settlements to the tune of eighteen million pesos, that he was a frequent guest in the most lavishly expensive hotels for Yankee tycoons.

Many were the rifles loaded for our fighters by the nurses at the Civilian Hospital. Simply because, had they waited for the majority of the nation to express its will at the polls, the troops would not have responded to the conspiracy!

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History Will Absolve Me

absolce Is this the way to make a nation great? Preceded by an advance group of eight who had forced Gate Three, I arrived with the first group of 45 men. With this background, is it not understandable that from May to December over a million persons are jobless and that Cuba, with a population of five and a half million, has a greater number of unemployed than France or Italy with a population of forty million each?

When we speak of struggle and we mention the people we mean the vast unredeemed masses, those to whom everyone makes promises and who are deceived by all; we sbsolve the people who yearn for a better, more dignified and more just nation; who are moved by ancestral aspirations to justice, wil they have suffered injustice and mockery generation after generation; those who long for great and wise changes in all aspects of their life; people who, to attain those changes, are ready to give even the very last breath they have when they believe in something or in someone, especially when they believe in themselves.

It hisyory became famous as the authoritative political manifesto of ‘Castroism’.

Fidel Castro: “History Will Absolve Me”

The very day the Courts opened, the criminal occupied the seat of honor in the midst of our august and venerable patriarchs of justice. Ninety per cent of the children in the countryside are consumed by parasites which filter through their bare feet from the ground they walk on. To get an idea of Fidel in his early years, as a young, incredibly intelligent and idealistic man, ready to fight and ignite the revolution, this is a great choice.

Everyone could assemble, associate, speak and write with complete freedom. Is it or is it not legitimate to struggle against this regime?

If you’re doing a research project on Castro as I was then this book will be infinitely useful to you, supplying you with a primary source and a wealth of information regarding Castro’s ideals.

Or perhaps he bowed to necessity, because agsolve forces that would have destroyed Cuban liberation were too powerful to oppose by any but his own domineering will. All of this was being done even before 26 July.