Our EUROLIVE BD-PRO and. BD-PRO active subwoofers are destined to become the new standard in low-frequency reproduction. Packed with. The Behringer BD Pro sub woofer (active) is just what i needed for the added depth to smooth out my low end. It sounds great at low levels and when want. Buy Behringer BD-PRO Eurolive W 15 inch PA Subwoofer. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders.

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Great choice This is an excellent speaker. Which Speaker Do I Need? Great Quality with an b1500s-pro Thump!! The bass is deep and this thing can really move some air. But if you need to serve up pulse-pounding techno at a large, standing-room-only dance club, you might need a pair of BD-PROs to really ignite the dance floor. Custom-Engineered Transducers Powerful, high-efficiency Class-D amplifiers and Switch Mode Power Supply technology coupled with state-of-the-art DSP b15000d-pro sure sounds impressive — but what about the part of the system you actually hear?

While most of our gigs are playing indoors at clubs, we also play frequently enough at outdoor events that a good sub was called for. B1500f-pro have a really hard time getting this thing to max out – it is so loud. A Level knob controls the input gain, and the Phase switch reverses the output phase to compensate for frequency cancellation between the subwoofer and satellite speakers.


As you have probably noticed, we make these subwoofers in two different woofer sizes. The ultimate sub on the market. Do not even think. This Sub is awsome!

It sounds great at low levels and when want to crank it up you’ve got lots of clean power. Almost half b1500d-prk price of comparable models. Thanks to our revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology, we are able to provide you with enormous power and incredible sonic performance in an easy-to-use, ultra-portable and lightweight package.

Despite the weight of it, I have nothing negative to say. I had a pair of these. The real deal The Behringer BD Pro sub woofer active is just what i needed for the added depth to smooth out my low end. I have little doubt that this sub will be all we need for many years to come.

It was definitely worth the investment.


Reviews from the Press based on 1 reviews. Put simply, these cool-running systems are much lighter, making them ultra-easy to transport and set up — and our no-compromise design means you get amazingly-deep, chest-pounding bass that will keep the party going all night long.

Sweet bass This powered cab packs a punch. When you buy a BEHRINGER active subwoofer, you can rest assured that the transducer inside has been engineered to perform flawlessly with every other element for truly professional results.

BD-PRO | Portable | Loudspeaker Systems | Behringer | Categories | MUSIC Tribe

It Really Thunders For the money, this unit delivers big value. Don’t waste your money on more expensive subs!


We encountered a problem while submitting your request. I DJ and Produce music.

There is no falsity in the bottom end so what you put into it is what comes out without any speaker coloration of its own. Reviews from the Press. I think I’m in love. The Behringer BD Pro sub woofer active is just what i needed for the added depth to smooth out my eurolife end. This is an excellent speaker. This powered cab packs b1500d-pr punch. Packed with a powerful Watt Class-D amplifier, 15″ long-excursion Low-Frequency LF transducer and an incredible array of professional features, the BDPRO produces extreme levels of low-end punch, with the definition and clarity typically reserved for much larger systems!

No other sub is close to this. A Boost Frequency knob targets a boost frequency between 45 Hz and 90 Hz. Which one is right for you? Please try again later or contact the administrator. I paired these subs with the Behringer BD speakers and these subs were great.

A good sub is what we got. An 18″ woofer has b1500d-rpo surface area with which b100d-pro move air than a 15″.