The Evolved Packet Core portfolio includes SGSN/MME* and Mobile Packet Gateway – software upgrades of the existing SGSN and GGSN. PDF | SGSN and GGSN are the two core network elements of the general packet radio service which enables Ahmad Ali Habeeb at Ericsson. GGSN communicates to SGSN and when it receives data variables. It was designed by Ericsson to support fault-tolerant and distributed applications.

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Cloud computer systems can also support secure multi-tenancy, in which the cloud computer system provider offers virtual private network VPN -like ericssson between the client’s distributed office networks outside the cloud and a VPN within the cloud computing system.

For example services involving middleboxes, such as specialized deep packet inspection or interaction with local data caching and processing resources that might be utilized for transcoding or augmented reality applications is difficult to support with the current 3G PC architecture.

Gateway GPRS Support Node – Wikipedia

Wild card flows for switches and virtual switches based on hints from hypervisors. There sricsson currently no organizational mechanism to register type identifiers in OpenFlow.

This new control plane module or instance can then share the load of existing control plane modules or instances of the same type thereby alleviating the load on these modules dynamically. Cloud computing systems can virtualize the network by incorporating sgsm virtual switch into the hypervisor. Typically, subscriber end stations are coupled e. The cloud manager then monitors the resource utilization of each control plane module as well as the amount and type of control plane traffic handled by each control plane module Block Netscout Video Resource Center.

The GGSN is also linked into hosted services such as voice and video and to the billing, policy control, and user verification elements of the core network. Cases where such treatment might be required are, for example: The tunnel origin source IP address contains the address on the encapsulating gateway to which any control traffic involving the tunnel should be directed for example, error indications.


The OpenFlow control planeshown here as a dotted line, manages the routing and switching configuration in the network. A method for implementing a general packet radio service GPRS tunnel protocol GTP in a packet core PC of a third generation 3G network having a split architecture where a control plane of the PC of the 3G network is in a cloud computing system, the cloud computing system including a controller, the controller to execute a plurality of control plane modules, the control plane to communicate with the data plane of the PC through a control plane protocol, the data plane implemented in a plurality of network elements of the 3G network by configuring switches implementing a data plane of the SGSN and GGSN and intermediate switches to establish a first and second GTP tunnel endpoint.

An example of such special treatment is transcoding.

PS Core Engineer (Back Office Ericsson SGSN/MME, GGSN/MPG, iDNS, SAPC) on

The cloud computing system of claim 12wherein the controller is configured to configure a switch in a new route of the GTP tunnel, via the control plane protocol, to forward packets of the subscriber session according to the GTP tunnel.

Therefore, there is no OpenFlow control plane connection between the OpenFlow controller in the cloud computing system and the NodeBs In other embodiments, a number portability database NPDB can be used to enable a agsn to change networks while keeping an old phone number.

When an incoming packet is received a lookup for a matching rule is made in the flow table It also monitors the control plane traffic between the end user devices UEs and NodeBswhich do not have control plane entities in the cloud computing systemand the 3G PC control plane entities As a result, there is a large duplication of resources and an underutilization of server capacity. If there is no match in this table, then one of a set of default actions is taken i.

The storage devices represent one or more non-transitory machine-readable or computer-readable storage media and non-transitory machine-readable or computer-readable communication media. Post sggsn Comment Read 0.

To save this item to your list of favorite Light Reading content so you can find it later in your Profile page, click the “Save It” button next to the item. For decapsulation virtual ports, the physical port is an input port. These control plane entities can communicate with one another through local system or procedure calls, remote procedure calls or similar mechanisms.


The virtual switch provides virtual network ports to the VMs executing under the control of the hypervisor. Communication system, serving gateway, communication method therefor, and base station. This would reduce the amount of traffic that flows into the mobile operator’s core network, thereby reducing the need for expensive and time consuming core network upgrades.

These functions are not typically provided in a fixed broadband network, but they are crucial for wireless networks.

The controller removes the configuration of the GTP tunnel at a switch implementing the SGSN that had been encapsulating and decapsulating data packets for the subscriber session and thereby removes a first GTP tunnel endpoint Block The embodiments of the invention overcome these disadvantages of the prior art. In addition to the flow table fields, an object is required to encode the encapsulation of the virtual port TEID hash table entry. Species based packet transmission method and apparatus for virtual connections.

The user equipment can be computing devices, cellular phones and similar devices.

Gateway GPRS Support Node

OpenFlow utilizes data structures referred to as flow match structures that enable the sgns to define criteria for matching rules to particular flows. Group tables enable a method for allowing a single flow match to trigger forwarding eridsson multiple ports. The flow rules and actions to distinguish which peering point the traffic should traverse are installed in the OpenFlow switches and gateways A, B by the OpenFlow controller Mobility management is necessary to ensure packet network connectivity when a wireless terminal moves from one base station to another.