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In East Africa, feeding is rapid and is completed in one to two weeks. Uzbekistan Oedipodine, U. Siberia 26 ; 32, 33, U. Turkeshn A. Especially on the activity of the copulation, oviposition and the percentage of the parasitism of adults joedan the egg parasites, Scelio muraii Watanabe and S. Baldif parasites of the pupae of Sarcophaga spp. Notes on two species of wasps nttacking Desert Locusts. The authors cited also reared Scelio spp.

Trachvrachis kiowa kiowa Thomas Tribihidiaspp. As development is more or less synchronised, and oviposition occurs only a t the time of locust laying, large swarms of flies occur on the egg site. Similar, but less complete, evidence suggests that Sphex aegyptius may congregate in the swarms and move with them.

Memoria de la Conferencin In. Rhodesia 74S. It has been the subject of an intensive study Greathead,which has shown that it is the most widespread of the insect natural enemies. All these diapausing larvae are very sensitive to abrasion of the cuticle by soil particles and are best not transported. Rhodesia ; 93, S. Larvae and adults of T.


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La invasion de la langosta a1 Oriente de Bolivia These instars are completed in about two weeks, during which time the whole egg-pod is destroyed. Caucasus 32, U. These large insects, feeding as both larvae and adults, are capable of considerable damage as individuals and surpass the effects of any other individual insect predators.

Drawings of typical stages and characters of the natural enemies have been in- cluded where possible. Greathead on the i zsect enemies. Records of sex ratio show pre- dominance of females. The damage done by individual Mylubris and Epkauta to egg-pods is generally complete, but widespread dde are usually low. Paoli showed that before diapause the larva constructs a passage which ter- minates just below the surface of the soil and thus facilitates movement of the pupa.

UzbekistanEngland ; 97, U. Especially on the selection and the finding of host of the egg parasites, Scelio muraii Watanabe and S. jorddan

A family of parasitic two-winged insects. The fully-fed larvae remain quiescent until the following spring in temperate climates, or until the next rains in tropical countries, when some pupate. Kazakh- stan ;U.


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Among the Sphegidae, many species of S p k sew. RussiaBritish Guiana 37France, , U.

Wohl- fahrtia euvittata was recorded by Potgieter as an balruf factor in the control of Brown Locusts ; it is an internal parasite of the post-embryonic stages as well as a predator of egg-pods, with an incidence of up to 50 per cent. Migration of the enemies with their gregarious hosts is an attractive postulate that has been frequently discussed, but very few examples are Lnown where this may occur, and not one is based on more than circumstantial evidence.


The pupal period is days but hiberna- tion may intervene. This recovery is europeea to be due to the maturation of the filial genera- tion from the frrst egg-fields. Trogkhe Four species of this widespread genus, which is well known for its scavenging habits, have been recorded preying on eggs of Schistocerca; grqaria and S.

France ; 87, Spain 93, N. The co-ordination of the biology of the parasite with that of the host is also of possible importance in the incidence of parasites and predators.