PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPER QUESTION BANK STUDY METHODS (ENGINEERING CORNER SPECIAL) tags:ec digital electronics syllabus. anna university EC Digital Electronics Lecture notes EC TO ALL DEPARTMENTSDETAILS: SUBJECT NAME: EC Digital Anna university plus provide lecture notes,question papers,syllabus,modal. EcUnit IV Memory Devices Digital Electronics – Download as PDF File .pdf) , Digital Lab Manual for CSE & IT – Anna Univeristy Chennai Syllabus –

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Otherwise the output is zero. As a result, programmes and modules are regularly reviewed with the aim of enhancing students’ learning experience. How it is done? What is meant by ec223 race?

List the functions of asynchronous inputs. Computer Science – Programme Requirements. List the types of hazards? Derive the characteristic equation of a JK flip flop.

Distinguish between positive logic and negative logic. Distinguish between synchronous and asynchronous sequential logic circuits.

Find the decimal equivalent of 9. Draw the logic diagram of the digital circuit specified by. Show that the NAND connection is not associative. What do you know on hardware descriptive languages?


What is dynamic hazard? What do you mean by functional and timing simulation? Give the HDL dataflow description rc2203 T flip – flop. What is a static 1 hazard? How synchronous counters differ from asynchronous counters?

Describe how to detect and eliminate hazards from an asynchronous network? Define static 1 hazard, static 0 hazards, and dynamic hazard? A shift register comprises of JK flip-flops. Design a 3 bit binary Up-Down counter. Write a short notes on PRBS generator. Posted by lee at 6: The behavior of the circuit is stated. Derive the characteristic equation of a SR flip flop. The University will use all reasonable measures to deliver courses of study as ec22203 are outlined at the time of offer.

How does ROM retain information? Wherever Y is 1, input X is transferred to Z. Derive the characteristic equation of a T flip flop. Design an asynchronous sequential circuit with 2 inputs X and Y and with one output Z. Using any state assignment and JK.

Unit — V Asynchronous Sequential Logic. What is the significance of state assignment?

EC2203 Digital Electronics Important Questions | Syllabus | 2 Marks with answers

What are the various types of triggering of flip-flops? Write the short notes on priority encoder. What are the applications of a shift register?

Management – Programme Requirements.

EC2203 MJ2014 Digital Electronics 3rd Semester Question Paper – Reg2008

BCD to seven segment decoder for decimal digits 0 through 9. When is a counter said to suffer from lock out? Online Glossary of useful terms.


How many flip —flops are needed to build an 8 bit shift register? How is it avoided? Derive the syllabs equation of a D flip flop. How to find the location of parity bits in the Hamming code? What syllabuss race round condition?

What is a static 0 hazard?

B.E ECE Semester 3 (III) – Regulation – Syllabus (Anna University)

How will you complement of the counters of the. Compare Moore and Mealy models. Distinguish between fundamental mode and pulse mode operation of asynchronous. How will you build a full adder using 2 half adders and an OR gate?

How will you convert a JK flip flop into a D flip flop. Anonymous November 23, at Obtain the primitive flow table for an asynchronous circuit that has two inputs x,y and one.