DIN EN 15635 PDF

DIN EN Steel static storage systems – Application and maintenance of storage equipment. Buy DIN EN () Steel Static Storage Systems – Adjustable Pallet Racking – Guideline For Safe Use from SAI Global. Racking Inspection – DIN EN Regular inspections for warehouse equipment to EU standard. The standard DIN EN “Application and maintenance of.

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Mezzanines and Steel Struct In addition, specialised knowledge of the specific racking and shelving is necessary.

Racking Inspection – DIN EN 15635

Add to Alert PDF. The regular inspections we provide support your efforts to follow industrial safety regulations for the sake of your company, thus increasing the safety at work and preventing injury to persons as well as material damage. Subscription pricing is determined by: If that is the case, measures must be taken to remedy them.

Measures to be taken in case of damage.

Waste management systems System solutions Waste and recycled material You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time. Red risk Very serious damage requiring immediate action. Insights into the structural racking analysis.

Pallet Racking for Automate Amber risk Hazardous damage requiring action as soon as possible. Unstable racking and shelving systems pose an extraordinary risk to humans, machines, and stored goods. SichV Our well trained and highly professional staff looks back on years of experience in the field of warehousing technology.


As certified rack inspectors we are authorized to carry out the respective controls in compliance with DIN EN Standards Subsctiption may be the perfect solution. The German Association of Storage and Associated Equipment Manufacturers and its members compiled a checklist to ensure optimal racking and shelving inspection. This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions.

Responsibility lies with the employer.

From racking and shelving inspection to their repair

Repairs to damaged components shall not be allowed unless approved by the equipment supplier: Contact a enn representative. Cantilever racking systems Shuttle Systems Cuby: Service 6-point service Cost-effective Waste Manage Racking systems subject to inspection are: Certified racking and shelving inspectors.

Repairs that have not been agreed with the manufacturer can be fatal! The annual inspection of racks and shelves must be performed by a competent person. Overhead conveyor Roller container conveying APAC regional office addresses Site addresses worldwide. Plastic and Steel Transport Use our contact form to request a quotation…… Quotation request for racking inspection. 15365 standard covers operational aspects relevant to structural safety of storage systems.

We have compiled an overview of the full range of racking and shelving inspections, applicable standards, obligations of the operator of eh and shelving systems, measures to be taken through diin rack and shelf repairs. Examples from other European countries, such as Great Britain or the Netherlands, where such inspections have been taking place for many years, show that safety has increased while repair costs have been saved.


According to the Ordinance on industrial safety and health, the employer is responsible for the safety of storage equipment. How are repairs carried out. This classification level refers to damages that significantly affect the load capacities of the components. The regular inspections are carried out during ongoing operations using visual inspections. Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts.

The damage to the component needs to be fixed. Racking and shelving systems subject to inspection.

If a damaged component has been relieved, repairs must only be carried out before it is loaded again. They are therefore subject to the Ordinance on industrial safety and health BetrSichV.

ELVEDI has racking and shelving inspectors certified by the Association of Storage and Associated Equipment Manufacturers who can annually control the safety of your racking and shelving systems.