Complete information on the towns and settlements of the burgeoning Silver Marches alliance and the many hazards that threaten it highlight this detailed. Come tour one of the most popular regions of the Forgotten Realms world! The just-released Silver Marches accessory by Ed Greenwood and. Silver Marches (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Champions of Ruin (Dungeon & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying.

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The humans rebuilt the surface silevr and strongholds, and went on to raise mighty walls around their city. Terms of Use – Privacy Statement. As one might expect, the worship of militant deities and those deities who d&v for law, strength, and duty is popular in Sundabar. Come tour one of the most popular regions of the Forgotten Realms world!

Inns tend to be spartan; the exceptions here are Baldiver’s a sprawling castle where old warriors are welcomed, and quiet guests preferredThe Firestar Chariot a place of loud revelry every nightMalshym’s House a quiet, clean, place popular with visiting merchantsand The Trumpet a luxurious place where guests requesting privacy are left alone, popular with adventurers.

D&D Excerpt: Silver Marches

Brief History 3. the days of the dwarf kingdom of Delzoun, Sundabar was a mighty dwarf citadel. For the Elders of Everlund, joining the league Alustriel proposed was simply a formality — they were already committed to standing with the High Mage of Silverymoon against all threats to the peace of the North.

A devout Mielikkian, Helm believes three trees should be planted for every one cut, lest woodcarvers entirely consume the forests they depend on. Silvdr lead straight in from Rivergate westEastgate eastand Turnstone Gate southeast to a central location in the heart of the city known simply as the Circle.

Home of user-generated, homebrew pages! The dwarves of Sundabar give the Everfire plenty of room now, and raise no permanent workshops or foundries too close to the rift. Moongleam Tower isn’t meant to hold a great number of soldiers, but the keep is strong enough to put a stop to any attack made without heavy siege engines or great magical firepower.

In the middle of the market are a number of open-air stalls and stands that offer fresh produce, poultry, baked goods, and livestock. Text and images are copyrighted by the marhes publisher. The Everfire and the Undercity Steep, winding passages lead down and down to the Everfire, a volcanic rift beneath the city.


Caravan masters know that gaining entry into the city after the gates close can be a tiresome chore, requiring them to consent to tedious and thorough searches of their goods by the city’s guards. To either side of the hall, two long, rambling wings of the building house jarches various officials and civil servants who comprise Everlund’s government. Everlund has always been close to Silverymoon, its neighbor to the north. They get to know their patrol areas very well, scouring every cave and hill-hollow.

Stone Shields and Watchful who grow careless, overzealous, or too friendly with shadier citizens are transferred to the Shieldsar. The result is an impression of calm and tranquility that belies the many dangers lurking just beyond the city’s walls.

The remaining ten soldiers of the detail watch the entrances to the Hall of Records and the Hall of Redress home to the city’s courts and magistrates.

The Master’s Hall The Master’s Hall is a crowded cluster of huge round stone towers, their battlements bristling with heavy catapults and ballistae. Sawmills and paddocks lie outside the walls, but caravans need not form up or disperse unprotected: It rises from one of the higher knolls near the center of Everlund, visible from almost any part of the city.

In addition to the major d&r, Everlund is home to shrines to Oghma, Shaundakul popular among the caravan mastersand Waukeen as well. Its roof is crowned by an open turret, where a signaling mirror shaped like a crescent moon stands. This attitude comes as no surprise, however, considering the imminent dangers that matches the city from all sides. Safe behind walls of molten metal, the master founders isolated themselves from the lands about. Though ready to withstand an attack at any given moment, it is nonetheless a beautiful community that does not look like a city of war.

Major Temples As one might expect, the worship of militant deities and those deities who stand for law, strength, and duty is popular in Sundabar.

She recently succeeded Triandial Truthammer as Defender, after her predecessor vanished while engaged in a perilous adventure. Doom seemed certain, but then an unexpected ally appeared — the Forgemaster of Sundbarr. The city’s voice carries considerable weight among its peers, for nearly all are dependent to some degree on Everlund’s role as the main caravan station in this region. Citadel Sundbarr, the insular dwarfhold, became the city of Sundabar, a bulwark of military strength and trade in the North.

The lords of Eaerlann agreed to share in this duty, and elves of the Forest Kingdom joined the human knights of Ascalhorn in guarding this corner of the High Forest. Amber, charcoal, furniture, furs, stone, syrup, timber, valuable ores. Around DR the dwarves of Delzoun responded by raising a small keep overlooking the river crossing, and garrisoned the outpost with vigilant guards to protect the crossing.


The Speaker of the Town is the final member of the Council of Six Elders, a citizen elected every seven years to represent the common folk of the city.

Silver Marches

Most don’t bother to go through the routine if they arrive at Everlund after sunset, preferring instead to avail themselves of the hospitality to be found in any of a number of inns and taverns that have established a thriving trade outside the city walls for just such occasions. Moongleam Tower consists of four narrow, cylindrical towers joined together, surrounded by a dry moat that can be quickly flooded by a cunning system of cisterns and pumps.

The High Priest of Corellon Larethian, considered the leader of the elves of the city, is one of the Elders. The fall of Ascalhorn in DR, and the subsequent collapse of Eaerlann, left the small settlement at Everlund without a country.

The building is defended by a detail of guards from the Army of the Vale; four soldiers remain vigilant outside the building’s main entrance at all times, and during the periods when the hall is open at least six more soldiers patrol the interior corridors.

Today, the Forgemaster is the leader of the dwarf community in Sundabar and an important advisor to the Ruling Master, but the Ruling Master guides the city for good or ill.

Soldiers patrol the courtyard inside the new wall, prohibiting entry to anyone who is not a soldier or is not on on official government business. The fact that nearly every single trade caravan that begins its journeys in the Marches calls at Everlund en route to other destinations brings to the city a position of considerable economic and social importance.

Notable Businesses Visitors will find over a dozen superb woodcarvers and carpentry shops around the Circle.