Visit the new documentation for updated content. DB4O. Table of contents. 1 Info; 2 The Basic Principle of db4o; 3 Downloads; 4 Current Status. This tutorial was written to get you started with db4o as quickly as possible. Before you The API documentation for db4o is supplied as a compiled Help file . db4o provides sources of documentation: tutorial, reference documentation, API documenation, online paircasts and.

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If the database is documentatiom closed cleanly, or if the application crashes at any time and uncommitted or incomplete transactions are discarded. So you could Descend into an object, and then Execute at a deeper level to return only the matching child objects, like in this example:.

I’ll use examples to demonstrate the power of a storage system optimized for the same “shape” of entities that you work with in your object-oriented programming language of choice — in this case, the Java language. A language so similar to SQL would seem to want to return column sets tupleslike SQL does, but an object database doesn’t work that way — it wants to return objects, not arbitrary sets.

NET to access the database and thus avoid a constant, productivity-reducing context switch between programming language documwntation data access API. This avoids possible concurrency issues of Lazy evaluation. It’s important to know that db4o works best if you open the database file when you start working with data, and close the db when all posible operations are completed.

Calling this method has some implications too complex to discuss here, but it remains an option. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

About this series Information storage and retrieval has been nearly synonymous with RDBMS for about a decade now, but recently that has begun to change.

Queries, updates, and identity

Combine with Smaller and Greater to include the specified value. You need it to compile the examples. Setting the UpdateDepth to int. A full description of Class-specific and field-specific configuration settings can be found in the db4o reference documentation. The second wave of growth was observed in the first decade of the 21st century, when object-oriented databases written completely in an object-oriented language appeared on the market.


Especially in a strongly typed language like C or Documeentation programming, these object types have to be known a prioriunlike the set-based notion of SQL.

Getting Started With db4o

This content is part of the series: It is not required at all for embedded servers. You can then call the Activate object, depth method to manually activate the object as described above. You can also use the db. In practice, all this means is that it falls to the developer to determine whether an object previously exists in the system, usually by documentatino the container for that object before inserting it, as shown in Listing The native queries approach isn’t perfect.

Queries, updates, and identity. When dcoumentation environment is configured to run with reduced trust, all basic database operations require at least ReflectPermission MemberAccess and ReflectionEmit for the classes and types being persisted.

Within this method, I use the Reflection APIs on Class to create a new instance of that type invoking its default constructor. Stable version is meant to be used in final product shipment. EvaluationMode [mode] ; Query EvaluationMode Values Documwntation Best when queries must be deterministic or execute as quickly as possible.

If concerned about consistency, use dbo Refresh object command to cause the objects to be refreshed with stored database values. An iterator is created against the best index found. If a field in the prototype is “null,” then that value matches against any value in the data store; otherwise, the values must match exactly. The db4o container doesn’t run into problems of identity here because the object in question has already been identified as one docmuentation from the database, meaning its OID is already stored inside the db4o bookkeeping infrastructure.

You can’t really anticipate variations of this type although you can learn about them by experienceso it’s always a good idea to Let The System Tell You, as they docmentation in extreme programming.

OpenFile [config], [filename] ; The IConfiguration object must be passed in the call to open the db4o file, server, or client connection. The drawback of OQL is that it wants to return By default, dn4o db4o server runs in-process within your application. Rollback only undoes uncommitted changes in the database. With an ActivationDepth of 5, objects will be populated up to 5 levels deep.


Please help improve this article if you can. It’s fairly easy to see how any moderately complicated query will rapidly become unworkable using this technique, particularly when compared against the simplicity of a query language like SQL. NET Object Data Walks you through db4o’s basic operations, its various query types, and techniques for optimal data access performance.

DefragmentConfig (db4o – database for objects – documentation)

MaxValue will cause db4o to descend as deeply as possible to look for changes. Intuition isn’t always sufficient for anticipating a failure to optimize because the reasons can be entirely different from what a code review would imply.

Notice how each of the calls to Constrain will return an IConstraint? There is one more thing to be aware of: A list of object ID matches is generated completely when the query is executed and held in memory. Ted Neward Published on March 27, This, along with the emergence of a viable alternative, has led to a renaissance of interest in object persistence and retrieval.

As it turns out, db4o does neither of these; instead, the principals behind db4o chose to take an interesting and innovative approach to native queries. SomeClass here does not require any interface implementations, annotations or attributes added. Depending on the features your application requires, reference and distribute these assemblies when you distribute your application:.

October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Eric Falsken Something, Acme. Because QBE uses a prototype object as its template to search for data, there are a few simple rules regarding its usage. From the db4o version 7. See ActivationDepth in the Configuration section for more ideas. You can use the same Documenation object command to update an object.