HexaLock Releases New DVD-R Copy Protection and a tutorial, and there is even a protected disc image if you want to try to crack it. Copy Protection Made Easy – Virtually any content type distributed on CD-R can be copy protected from illegal copying and use! You can create copy protected. HexaLock developers have many years of experience in computer security, copy protection, cracking and hacking. HexaLock VDH technology takes advantage.

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Why shop at CD-writer. All program executable files. It gives you full control over quality and output type. This should also work to capture PDF or any other stationary content which is displayed on screen by utilizing screen capture feature. Protection There have been many copy protection, or Digital Rights Management DRMtechniques available previously for CD-R, but most are easily bypassed by anyone with reasonable computer knowledge.

I got it… it does work. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. The developers are most vulnerable to serious damage to their commercial success if titles are stolen and distributed via the Internet, before their official launch.


To everyone who is dealing with how to backup, archive and utilize their multimedia content protected with Hexalock: If you take a picture of an optical hologram, the 3rd dimension disappears. HexaLock VDH technology is very similar. Error handling and such.

After all, why would you want or need copies of hexqlock or video you already have? Macromedia Director compiled executables using the following file types: The result is rcack 2D picture that represents the view from a specific angle. Call us now on And that’s where the strength of these programs lies. VDH technology is not an optical hologram, but this is a good model to help explain the way VDH works.

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Write a review for this product. Choose the folder, load the file… then what? I may make a few changes to make the app easier to use.

Instead, a static bit pattern will appear.

Crack hexalock pdf – Google Docs

Are you an Educational or Government customer? Product and manufacturer names are used only for the purpose of identification. You can download a trial version of the software and a tutorial, and there is even a protected disc image if you want to try to crack it.


Removal of the protection is illegal. You run the program and tell it what hexa,ock on the disc to apply to, and which one of its features you want it to implement.

I just want to print. This kind of reminded me of Sony’s copy protection on their playstation games as I read this.

Hexalock – Copy Protection – Club Myce – Knowledge is Power

I hexalodk the hexalock program and found that all you have to do is get a simple burning program I used ONES by traxdata name it to acrobat. This product ships from our facility based in south east London. There have been all sorts of similar programs for CD-rs for years.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information contained herein. Find out about the CD-writer. Like I said, we are letting HexaLock do the work for us.