CPM1-CIF01 Omron Automation and Safety Controllers RS Interface datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Find great deals for Omron CPM1-CIF01 Processor/Controller. Shop with confidence on eBay!. CPM1A/2A CPM1-CIF01 & CIF11 Expansion Adaptors. A choice of either RS or RS (four wire), DIN rail mounting interface adaptors available for the.

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Some Omron interface gear used to be terribly expensive but all interface gear was the same for all the brands. Also i am far from being a Grey Beard These days cables and interfaces are cheap really. Where would i get a cable for them?

Sign in Already have an account? Posted 13 May edited. The CIF is cheap enough and vpm1 without any hassles.

To connect CPM1 to PC without using CPM1-CIF01 – Omron –

Posted 13 May Edited 12 May by JouniK. In the other extremity of the threads you anger to install a connector DB9 female, that it should have been fastened beside CPM1.

It’s a design fault, cause it makes everything more complicated needing the box i mean. This cable works fine fif01 a cpm1a peripheral port, but not at a CQM1. Tks for the help, Igor.

CPM1-CIF01 | Omron | EU Automation (MY)

Welcome to the forum, Carlos. And if it is a com1 off job well. Posted 12 May Posted 16 Jun Posted 12 May edited.


Jay, you don’t need to modify the board, if you have the connector. Here in Brazil is a fortune Friend!

I did the cable that Carlos Lima post here. Sign In Sign Up. Are you sure it’s safe to use?

I think you are quite clever in working it all out but hey, let me think you buggered around with it civ01 around and hour or two, wow, your time spent on this would of enabled you to perchase the adaptor and secondly you could of spent the time doing something a bit more productive or fun ChrisKozanecki no one is forcing you to use it, why are you whining? The other thing is that the Omron inteface gear is guaranteed.

The cable conects the peripheral port of a CPM1 to the rs port of cp1m pc. It’s a waste of money, space, time and nerves. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. About the CQM, i noticed from the universal cable insctructions can be found from the omron sectionthat CQM has different ground pin than others. As far as i am concerned if you want to blow your 2 year warranty for the PLC and are two stingy to by the convertor or borrow one from your friendly omron rep then have fun Unless of course I am getting ripped off, as with some other brands.

Omron CPM1-CIF01 (CPM1CIF01)

I mean that does the CPM1 have the rs drivers in it anyway or is it just “luck” that it can handle the voltages of clf01 Please correct me if I am misunderstanding you, but it seems to me that you would be better off making the cable instead of altering the PLC. It’d probably be more safe to add the resistor like in that cable.


Try carrying 10 different boxes to be able to program different PLCs with you. Well, at least we got him to register.


Register a new account. I am afraid I am far too busy to go fiddling about with re-wiring things and wasting my time. Started by Carlos Lima16 Jun I can make more money getting on with the job, and the next one, and the next one than to muck around wasting hours trying to save cents.

What you make up yourself is not. Someone knows the difference? Sign up clm1 a new account in our community. Also the PLC should be designed in the way, that you don’t need all sorts of boxes to program them.

Once again, iterating Jay Secondly, i wasn’t cof01 about in a point of view of some company. Anyway, in the drawing there isn’t any components at all. Edited 13 May by JouniK. To my intention is going to help the persons that cannot buy a CIF.