The Collected Works of Billy the Kid has ratings and reviews. Michael said: This is a portrait of Billy the Kid as reflected in a thousand piec. Drawing on contemporary accounts, period photographs, dime novels, and his own prodigious fund of empathy and imagination, Michael Ondaatje’s visionary. THE COLLECTED WORKS OF BILLY THE KID. Anne Blott. Michael Ondaatje’s The Collected Works of Billy the Kid is a montage of techniques designed to.

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Dec 03, John rated it really liked it Ondaarje it for: View all 4 comments. His perception is visual; a room is a picture; a day, a series of frames:.

The movie western, with its cliche of a stagecoach yhe reversing through stroboscopic effect, is suggested by the Huffman passage on the first page of the book: This set of three poems – “sad billys out,” his eye “magnifying the bones across a room,” and Ondaatje’s experience of writing – worrks in a sequence on separate billt and is completed by a fourth, which recapitulates Billy’s awareness of the stress of stars and machines straining at each other.

Retrieved 25 March Book ratings by Goodreads. The shape of the text on the page is ondawtje blocked in by deep white space, just as Bllly’s visual memory is defined by “white wails neon on the eye” and the spill of light across a surface p.

Flap copy From the Booker Prize-winning author of The English Patient comes a visionary novel, a virtuoso synthesis of storytelling, history, and myth, about William Bonney, a.

Find the beginning, the slight silver key to unlock it, to dig it out. The book’s business is to collect a picture of Billy and a record of the dialect and content of his works, and the poetry communicates this process through the poet’s experience of Bllly’s character and exploration of himself. I think I’ve read this book a hundred times.


View all 8 comments. Fixity, precisely located here by the “left wrist,” had given Livingstone’s life a kkd order.

The Collected Works of Billy the Kid by Michael Ondaatje

The two of us, our criss-cross like a whip in slow motion, the ridge of action rising and falling, getting narrower in radius till it ended and we drifted down to Mexico and old heat. On its release, the volume received largely positive reviews. Jan 10, Libbie Hawker L. kd

In the final facing pages of the text, Ondaatje describes the salvaging of Billy’s corpse, reworking Billy’s initial description of his death and picking up the rhythm and the barracuda image of the earlier poem:. Not that ohdaatje did not have enough animals.

The man called Billy the Kid is not impressed by the magnificent richness of his surroundings. It is a deeply moving, visceral work, as all Ondaatje’s works are. What eludes the camera is life moving too fast to be caught; Billy, waiting, standing, is recorded on film. Waiting nothing breaks my vision ondaatej flies in their black path like worjs stars.

Billy the Kid, vicious animal Pat Garrett, so sane he’s insane Billy the Kid, the mythology removed and built up again the fragmented, cut-up style is ingenius. Anansi,p. What a lovely depiction of the mucky wrestle that is lurve: This book does not try to fill in all the spaces, it’s a brief assemblage of images and graphic episodes.

I cannot explain myself properly in an “encouraging you to actually read this book” sorta way though that is what I intend to do without literally showing you what kif are missing. The title of this book seems to have thrown many readers for a loop.


Down the street was a dog. If Billy the Kid had ever constructed a little girl’s scrapbook journal which reflected on the huge themes of his life, but in simple language like stripping bare an entire mythology of a real human being and then drawing it in cr A stew of fact and fiction, a hot mess of history, a researched yet fabricated poetry book, a travelogue, a series of gray-scale images, and also text describing nonexistent images in film photography’s technical jargon and I swoonthis book hits all my right notes.

The Collected Works of Billy the Kid

I can’t say I came away from my first reading understanding what Ondaatje is doing all of the time. The book is deeply focused on visual imagery, on the idea of photographs, of freezing a moment in time with foreground sharp and background blurred, on the act itself of making an image in order to preserve a memory.

The rhythms alternate from that of ambling motion an echo of any cowboy song – “Tumbling Tumbleweed,” say to the hot bite of horse sweat on the flesh of the thighs.

For example, Ondaatje writes of the difficulty of clearing his mind of the details colected Billy’s’ rotting corpse, while his dreams are contorted in violence:.