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J1 pattern, default print mode Max. Reset by user operation.

Canon i320 Quick Start Manual

Available 6 types Approx. Product Life 3 years or 4, pages 2, pages of color printing and 1, pages of black printingwhichever comes first Ink colors Bk new pigment ink Cl: QY Print head life 4, pages Same as the printer main unit, Cl: Blinking 6 times No cartridge installed Install the cartridge, and close the access cover. Re-install the cartridge properly, or power off and on the printer with the cartridge installed. Blinking 8 manyal Waste ink full or platen waste ink full warning Approx.

Blinking 6 times Internal temperature abnormal error Replace the printer as it has failed.

Blinking 7 times Waste ink full or platen waste ink full error Replace the printer as it has failed. Blinking ccanon times Abnormal temperature rise Replace manuap printer as it has failed. Blinking 10 times No cartridge installed detection excluding the case of cartridge replacement during printing Replace the printer as it has failed.

Head temperature over-rise protection The carriage stops during printing when the head temperature is excessive. Only when the ink remaining amount detection is ON. Status is not displayed at OFF. Printer operation at the warning: When the access cover is opened, the carriage does not move to the cartridge replacement position. Paper feed roller cleaning 1. Remove the paper from the ASF.

Following the instruction from the status monitor, load 3 pages of plain paper in the ASF, and feed them. Nozzle check pattern printing 1. Select the optimal value using the printed head position adjustment pattern. Significant misalignment can be adjusted. The green lamp lights. Refer to Appendix 2, i Service Tool. The printer starts printing the shipment inspection pattern.

Canon Bubble Jet i320

High resolution paper GP: No Yes Open access cover, k320 install head Error displayed? No Yes Connect to computer Shipment inspection pattern printing Correct? Remove the print head, unplug the power cord immediately, and do not print afterwards.

  LG 42LD420C PDF

Nozzle check pattern printing Correct? Yes No Head refreshing Nozzle check pattern printing Correct? Yes No Replace ink tanks Nozzle check pattern printing Correct?

Yes No Normal Defective 10 7. Remove the AC adapter from the printer returned from the user. Install the removed AC adapter in the whole unit.

Download free pdf for Canon i Printer manual

Power off the whole unit, and confirm that the printer csnon for shipment with the paper lifting plate of the ASF in the upper position.

Cartridge cannot be installed. Condition The packing material used to fix the carriage at unpacking and installation may not have been removed. The packing material used to fix the print head cap at unpacking and installation may not have been removed. When many envelopes are loaded. Cause The user may have failed to remove the packing material at unpacking and installation.

Although a caution sheet is packaged together with the printer, the user may not notice it. Even if the packing material remains, no parts are damaged. Corrective action Remove the packing material fixing the carriage.

The existence of print head is detected. When the amount of paper curl is large and multiple pages are loaded, the loaded page limit level in the ASF creates friction at paper feeding.

The paper feed roller slips on the paper at paper feeding.

Depending on the paper 3i20. Power off the printer, and re-power it on. Remove the print head, and reinstall it. Decrease the number of pages loaded in the ASF. Correct the paper curl. Set the paper one by one in the ASF. Straighten out the paper with a pen.


The top margin becomes short. In the worst cases, printing is performed onto the platen. Smearing on printed The paper curl is substantial.

Smearing on the When borderless printing is backside of paper, or conducted continuously. Just after the LF roller starts feeding the 1.

Remove the jammed paper from the paper pick-up or output tray side. The edge of paper rises due to the large 1. Recommend the user rub against the printed surface of paper, to conduct printing in the resulting in smearing. In the i, the head-to-paper distance cannot be changed. In borderless printing to postcard, L-size, 4X6correct the paper curl.

Comparably remarkable in the specific print pattern a uniform pattern using single color Horizontal uneven print -When borderless printing is density and lines at the conducted.


Comparably remarkable in trailing edge. Horizontal white lines When monochrome printing is and gaps due to LF conducted to the plain paper in roller. Comparably remarkable in the specific print pattern black halftone graphic pattern. While this phenomenon occurs, the print s peed slows considerably. Close the other applications. Upgrade the ROM from 1. The problem manusl more severe than that of the S Change canln print quality from standard to high mode.

Change the print -Print head path lines and quality from standard to uneven colors high mode. Upgrade the printer driver. The phenomenon may occur at a relatively high occurrence ratio. The phenomenon may occur in specific conditions, however the occurrence ratio is expected to be considerably low in the actual usage. As the phenomenon is hard to be recognized by general users, it is expected to cause no claims from the users.

With the HAPS system, a part of processing functions of the engine firmware has been transferred to the host computer processing, utilizing the computer processing to a maximum, thereby minimizing the engine firmware processing.

Assigned tasks between engine firmware and OutputModule using the HAPS system as different i3200 the past engine firmware processing functions Engine firm 1.

Pass switching HQ Multi-pass fine control Power monitor at Bk, 1 pass printing 4. In this case, the print data is complemented at the next scan. Borderless printing The printer supports borderless printing only for postcard, L size paper and 4X6 size paper. Other paper sizes A4, LTR, etc. No paper selection lever The printer does not need adjustment using a paper selection lever.

Adjustment of the head-to-paper distance when printing envelopes is not necessary. Quiet mode The printer cano a quiet caon function. Compared with the normal mode, Acoustic noise level: Sound quality changes, and sound becomes quieter.

Remaining ink level detection function The printer has a function to detect the remaining ink level. The remaining ink level is detected by total counted dot values of 3 color ink tanks. Half level of remaining ink level Approx. Perform the following operations from the printer driver manuall. Head refreshing The printer has a head refreshing function. This is a deep cleaning manuak in order to resolve print failure due to ink clogging the print head.