BALDUR’S GATE 2 – SHADOWS OF AMN. In the original Baldur’s Gate game you learned that you were one of the Bhaalspawn, the children of Bhaal, the dead. Welcome to our Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn walkthrough! Simply click any of the links within the navigation bar to the right and you will be brought to the. Walkthrough for Baldur’s Gate II. Chapter 1. Escape the Dungeon. Chapter 2. Earn Some Gold. Chapter 3. Attack Vampire Guild Attack Shadow Thieves.

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Baldur’s Gate II v8. Check the Frequently Asked Questions section first it’s after the walkthrough to see if your question is already answered.

If you see any mistakes, or have anything that you want to add please email me! I will, of course, give you full credit for your addition, and be eternally grateful to you. Email addresses are not posted in the FAQ, unless you specifically state that you want it to baldurw. Finally if you are on AOL and want a response from me, make sure that your email is accepting from Hotmail webmail. I have gotten way too kkmplettlsung emails returned from AOL with a message that the person wasn’t accepting from Hotmail.

Low-Spoiler Baldurs Gate II Walkthrough (Shadows of Amn)

If you’re having any komplettlaung of technical problem with the game, there are some patches you should consider getting: All the significant Unofficial Add-On’s many of which are top-notch can be found here: They get all of the items and a representative amount of XP and gold for the trouble. And last, but not least, thanks to Bioware for making such a great game! You may not charge for, or in any way profit from this FAQ.

Added two notes from John Howard, one on an easy way to get the “bonus” merchants in the Introduction the other on the Underdark Soul Gem.

Mike’s RPG Center – Baldur’s Gate II – Walkthrough

Added a topic in general strategies on magic weapons. Throne of Bhaal Information II. Gameplay Strategies and Tricks VI. The Guild War 3. Back to Athkatla 6. Grove of the Ancients 3. Kmoplettlsung Kit Descriptions B.

Trainers and Editors E. Strange Things Final Words Pushed violently out of your home after the death of your foster father, balddurs had to discover the truth of his killing, and your own past. What you discovered was that you were the offspring of the deceased Lord of Murder, the dark god Bhaal. He had foreseen his own imminent demise and so had spread his seed across the land.

You were one of those children. So valdurs was the evil Sarevok, the murderer of Gorion. It would not matter who won this war Fortunately for the world you were there to stop Sarevok komplettlsun end his balcurs. But the world doesn’t stop for one heroic deed. Soon after your adventures around Baldur’s Gate a mysterious force captures your adventuring party. Could this be another spawn of Bhaal? Or perhaps something worse The Shadows of Amn takes place just a few months after the baldurz of Baldur’s Gate.


You have been captured and placed in a gare. All your equipment and money is gone. Your companions have been scattered. Who is behind this? These add new shops and items. You can also download these files from http: Talk to Deidre in the back of the Adventurer’s Mart. You can just use the cheats to create the merchants see the Cheats section if you don’t know how to do it: CreateCreature “wmart2” to make the two merchants appear in the current area.

It has one area Watcher’s Keep that can be reached in either game, and many other areas that take place after the events in BG2. ToB can be purchased in any store that sold BG2.

Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn – Walkthrough/FAQ

Once you enter the Expansion areas with the exception of Watcher’s Keep you cannot return to the original game areas. What’s New in Throne of Bhaal: Just like a mage, but with one key difference, Wild Surges. These are near unpredictable alterations of the magic.

It might just make you itchy or your enemies itchy or it could even change your gender.

You just never know. This allows most characters to get to level This is intended to get rid of unwanted spells when you can’t learn any more. If you have duplicate Spell Scrolls, learn the spell once, then Erase it, then learn it again. This way you get the experience twice! These abilities are extremely strong and useful, such as Deathblow, Whirlwind attack and Summon Planetar. David Gaider one of the lomplettlsung designers of ToB has released a few minor additions to Throne of Bhaal, which you can find at Baldurdash: As such it is very tricky to use.

However, which wishes you get is also partly random. He then kompleftlsung from a list of wishes that you can get not all will be what you wantand if you have komplettslung bad wisdom, you’ll be picking from a list of nothing but bad choices!

Here is a list of all the wishes, sorted from the really bad to the sorta awful to the surprisingly good: Level Gatee two levels from each party member. Bring a ‘Meteor Swarm’ down upon the caster. Temporarily remove half of the caster’s HP. Caster loses all memorized spells. Party loses 10, gp. Temporarily reduce the Strength of all party members to 3. Temporarily reduce the Dexterity of all party members to 3.


Temporarily reduce the Constitution of all party members to 3. Temporarily reduce the Wisdom of all party members to 3. Temporarily reduce the Intelligence of all party komplettlsuhg to 3. Temporarily reduce the Charisma of all party members to 3. Heal all enemies in the area. Summon an extra hostile monster into the area. Everyone in the area, both party members and enemies, become intoxicated. Blow all people, including party members, away from the caster. Heal everyone, party members and enemies included.

Temporarily baldura Strength to 18 for everyone in the area, including enemies.

Low-Spoiler Baldurs Gate 2 Walkthrough (Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn)

Incur bad luck on everyone in the area, including party members. Raise all party members’ characteristics to 25 for 4 rounds. All party members gain the temporary ability ‘Greater Deathblow’. All party members gain the temporary ability ‘Hardiness’. Create a random wand in caster’s inventory.

Create a random potion in the caster’s inventory. Make it as if the entire party has just rested a full night and re-memorized all their spells. Cast a double-length ‘Time Stop’ and ‘Improved Alacrity’ on the caster.

You can now “feed” the familiars to heal them. You can also ask gatf for advice. If you want to see the old BG2 familiar list, it is in the Gameplay Strategies section below. When she offers to sleep with you again, turn her down because the “time isn’t right”, then when she asks what you think of her, be very very nice. When she asks you what it’s like having the blood of Bhaal in your veins, tell her that you don’t like the killing. Between meeting her wraith-brother and the destruction baldyrs Saradush I told you there were Spoilers in hereyou need to have at least ONE romance talk occur.

If you skip this, you can’t get her to switch alignments. When she sees the battle, tell her that you don’t like it. Then when she asks if you want her to change, say yes. Mages can cast the first level spell “Find Familiar” to get themselves a little intelligent creature called a Familiar.

Each class gets their own specific stronghold to call their own. A fighter gets a castle, a bard gets a playhouse and a thief gets a thieves’ guild. Half-orcs get a bonus to their strength and constitution and a penalty to their intelligence and charisma.