In this profound memoir, reformed skinhead Meeink, with assistance from Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead: The Frank Meeink Story. The author relates his own story of being born into a family of drug addicted parents and abuse. Rootless and without parental oversight or care. Frank Meeink’s life story involves a lot of luck — both good and bad. For many who crossed his path when he was a racist, ruthlessly violent.

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Now you know what’s really going on.

But somehow we refrained. Nov 27, Ashley rated it really liked it Shelves: Crazy Cates skinjead have had suicides dropping like flies out of those breakable 2nd story windows This book gives a fair bit of insight into the sad circumstances that foster and cultivate hatred in recent times and, actually, across all time, as those circumstances are not at all limited to recent decades.

He had this intensity I’d never before seen in him. Overwhelmingly sad and inspirational at the same time!

Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead by Frank Meeink

Certainly not an easy read but a book that, I think, should be read. So I started carrying a switchblade with me, even though it was no match for my classmates’ guns. On how attending a predominantly African-American middle school influenced his later racial hatred.

You will laugh, cry and get angry as hell at some of things that occured in his life.


Especially after I moved in with my dad and I saw black guys beating the shit out of white guys almost every damn day.

My family wasn’t as broken as Frank’s and I had a driving force to educate myself and surround myself with different kinds of people.

Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead

He’s human and he’s imperfect. This is where I just began to get a taste of what addiction does to a person. It was just me and my roommate waiting for him. Read it because we shouldn’t pull the wool over our own eyes and p Good concept. In the name of “liberalism,” ZOG forced working-class whites to live amid “mud,” who brought gangs and drugs into what had been moral neighborhoods.

So it wasn’t this big ‘I hate them. The book provides fascinating details about The Movement xkinhead everything from fashion to regional differences in organizing.

A ‘Recovering Skinhead’ On Leaving Hatred Behind : NPR

Plus it was written so well. But as we walked home, my friend Jacob’s face still stinging after three black dudes took turns punching him over and over in the face, we reached the pinnacle of our hatred and were moments away from calling the skinheads who had been trying to recruit us. And we’re sitting around, and they’d say, ‘Oh, you went to school in Philadelphia.

Frank has been on the national lecture circuit for a decade, speaking to various groups on the topic of racial diversity and acceptance.

A ‘Recovering Skinhead’ On Leaving Hatred Behind

I highly recommended this book, without reservation even. I was usually pretty lucky. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.


I don’t know how prevalent the skinhead scene is anymore. An all too brief childhood filled with severe violenc Frank Meeink and Jody M. But reclvering more Aa talked to Bob, Tim, and Shawn that night, the more they got me thinking maybe I had it all backwards: That was the summer I was getting out of that [middle] school.

A couple friends began attending skinhead rallies, but most of us avoided the skinheads while privately beginning a racist dialogue of our own. As a result, the meanest ninth-grade gangsters in Philly were loitering outside, aa for recruits and fights, when us seventh- and eighth-graders went filing past. They act as mentors, friends, and a de facto family as they indoctrinate him into the movement.

By the time I met them in the early summer ofBob Reynolds and Tim Kleinschmidt were far enough into the white supremacy movement that they just smoldered with hatred.

However, that is something I actually liked. Pepper Middle School is pretty far from my dad’s house, too far to walk, and there are only two bus stops anywhere near it. Worst of all, the Jews who controlled Hollywood were brainwashing whites to think “race-mixing” was cool. I always knew that racism was not something that made sense for me.