Atlantis is an archaeological adventure novel by David Gibbins. First published in , it is the first book in Gibbins’ Jack Howard series. It has been published. Buy Atlantis by David Gibbins from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. This two-page feature by Marcus Dunk on my first novel Atlantis appeared in The Daily Express on 23 July Since then Atlantis has sold.

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For the first time since school days, I was so bored I needed to force myself to finish it.

I think I’m half way through the book gibbinns there still is not very much action. There is no characterization. The ref to the Phaistos disk was not really about the VMs, just unbelievable coincidences.

I find that to be beyond annoying.

Atlantis (novel) – Wikipedia

I chose this book while walking around an airport, looking for something to read while on a 6-hour flight across the country. Hopefully that trend is running its course. Unfortunately, even when it got to the ‘juicy bit’ I was still bored. Canadian-born underwater archaeologist and novelist.

Review of David Gibbins’ “Atlantis”…

It’s the longest time I’ve ever spent reading a book but I had persevered! Ah yes, it seems you read one DG novel you’ve read ’em all.

Customers who bought this item also bought. If you like a book where something happens, you might reconsider. Sep 18, Anish Kohli rated it did not like it.


gbibins After giving up trying to enjoy the book I tried to find another use for it and started reading it at night instead of taking a sleeping pill, but it couldn’t even put me to sleep because it just made me angry at how bad it was and the fact that I paid money for it. This book has a lot of unbelievable turns.

Many of the action scenes seemed implausible, especially within context of the characters involved in them. Overall, I think Atlantis will be slow but entertaining to some, and highly engrossing to others. And we do get Jack and Costas’ diving at Atlantis again and some of a story of two brothers who were part of the exodus from Atlantis at the beginning, gibbis then it goes right dxvid to the Nazi and WWII stuff which I’m not as interested in.

This was a great story and one A lost bunker, in the middle of a German forest, inside a terrible secret long thought gone. The main three characters in this book started out perfect and ended up perfect. The main character is a marine archeologist and gathers a team of eavid in response to a find that seems to lead toward the discovery of the lost Atlantis.

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Yes, they killed his friends, etc etc: It was Ireland, it was Australia, it was off the Spanish port of Cadiz, off Morocco, capital of a global pre-Ice Age civilization, terrestrial HQ of an intergalactic empire …. Jack must uncover the truth before it gibbkns too late.

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Here is some trouble.

Sure, the characters walk and talk a lotbut you don’t get a feel for what they look like. The action concludes with a confrontation of the forces of good and evil in the Bahama Islands near the island of San Salvador. Marine archeologist Jack Howard may have found the key to uncovering Atlantis, the legendary sunken city purportedly built by a flourishing culture. Gibbons, an underwater archeologist and Cambridge University Ph.

The suspense made it hard to put down despite the occasional annoying bits I’ve mentioned. It’s in those places that Atlantis drags the slowest. Does it get some action or does it go on with just historical facts and nothing more. Every now and then, Gibbins inserts a daring escape gibbns Whew! Im not giving away the plot, the description is below, but for those regular readers make sure you know this is an almost prequel, being set just after atlantis, We have Historic Myth and we have Nazi mystery The reader believes Gibbons davidd what he’s talking about.