ASTM A specification covers for several grades of carbon and alloy steel mechanical tubing, either hot-finished or cold-finished. Totten Tubes is an industry leading provider of ASTM A seamless mechanical tubing for your steel tube & pipe project requirement needs. Contact us today. This standard is issued under the fixed designation A ; the number . This specification is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee A-1 on Steel,. Stainless .

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Seamless a59 tubing is manufactured from carbon and alloy steels for structural or other mechanical purposes involving machining or heat treating, where close tolerances, smooth finish, or definite physical properties are important factors. Micro alloys available upon request. Reduce the weight of your product while increasing your physical requirements.

ASTM A519 4130 Pipes

The latter sizes and hot finished seamless stocks are carried in warehouse to OD and wall tolerances. Tolerances are applicable only to two dimensions length excepted.


However, for a nominal OD of 1. Hence, any order of tubes might vary in the entire lot as low as 0. Nominal Temperature Without Accelerated Cooling. NOTE — Tubing having a wall thickness less than 3 satm of the outside diameter cannot be straightened properly without a certain amount of distortion.

ASTM A519 carbon and alloy steel mechanical tubing

Camber, or out-of-straightness, tolerances generally do not exceed the amounts shown for lengths of 22 feet and under. The camber is measured for any three feet of length with a three foot straightedge and the use of a feeler gage.

The total camber — maximum curvature in the total length of the tube — is determined by rolling the tube on a surface plate and measuring the concavity with a feeler gage. When the machined length of a tube extends more than three inches from the chuck s519 other holding mechanism, the possibility that the tube may be cambered must be taken into consideration.

Allowance for camber must be made for any machined atsm proportional to the tolerances shown. Tubes with lighter or heavier walls than shown, and soft annealed or hardened tubes, present more than normal straightening difficulties, and the camber tolerance requirements of such tubes usually are mutually agreed upon by the purchaser and the producer.


Nominal Yield Strength psi. Nominal Ultimate Strength psi.

Outside Diameter Size Range in. Wall Thickness as Percent of OD. ID Up To 1. ID Tolerances apply to dimensions 0. See astmm Footnote B. Footnote A is not applicable.

ASTM A Pipes Tubing Tube- SP Metal

Therefore, for those tubes, the inside diameter is goverened by the wstm diameter tolerance shown in thiis table and the wall thicnkess tolerances shown in Table 9.

Maximum Curvature In Any 3 Feet.

Maximum Curvature In Total Lengths.