Listen to Ustadz Hervi Firdaus – Ashabul Ukhdud by alfityahbdg for free. Follow alfityahbdg to never miss another show. Ashabul ukhdud. Front Cover. Pustaka Salam, – Islamic QR code for Ashabul ukhdud. Title, Ashabul ukhdud. Siri buku kanak-kanak Pustaka Salam.

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Ukhdur arrow hit the boy in the temple, and the boy placed his hand over the arrow wound and died. A battle began between the Prophet and his opponents.

For verily, you are following the truth! He refused to do so, and so a saw was brought and placed in the middle of his head and he fell, sawn in two. So he ordered that ukjdud be dug at the entrances to the roads and it was done, and fires were kindled in them. Thus, he had a ditch dug and burned some of them in the fire in the ditchwhile others he killed with the sword. Him to Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth! He came and brought a number of gifts for the boy and said.

Then a huge terrible creature appeared on the road and the people were unable to pass by. Save me from them kkhdud any means that you wish.

If the deeds and uukhdud of the monk are liked by You better than those of the sorcerer, then kill this creature so that the ukhduc can cross the road. Category Islam portal Wikipedia book.


An enlightening commentary into the light of the Quran. It is about people who were thrown into a ditch and set afire, due to their belief in Allah.

Atlas Al-Quran – Ashabul Ukhdud

Dhu Nuwas converted to Judaism and chose Joseph as qshabul new name. When they refused, the King threw them alive into one or more burning ditches. Among the people who came before you, there was a king who had a sorcerer, and when that sorcerer became old, he said to the king.

Later, the courtier came to the king and sat at the place where he used to sit before. At last the Prophet and his as-hab Arabic: So, when he went to the sorcerer, he passed by the monk and sat there with him; and on visiting the sorcerer the latter would thrash him. There is also a hadith that God chose a Nabi Arabic: As a result, he could save people and treat sick people in unusual ways.

The main text and English translation of the verses are in the following table:. When the King learned of this, he commanded the boy to abandon his faith in God.

Ustadz Hervi Firdaus – Ashabul Ukhdud by alfityahbdg | Mixcloud

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. One of them is a hadith Arabic: He made an example of them by ashaabul them until he had killed almost twenty thousand of them.


And they witnessed all that they were doing against the Believers. Then it mentioned the fate of torturers in verses 8 to Then the Qur’an adds that they were killed in this way only because they believed in Allah.

You will be put to trial. It is reported that a companion of Daniyal Daniel was burned in a ditch.

People of the Ditch

Save me from them by any means that You wish. People of the Ditch Arabic: And if you do as Umhdud order you, you will be able to kill me. Then the king said.

Exegesis Abrogation Biblical narratives Esoteric interpretation Hermeneutics Persons related to verses mentioned by name Revelation. The boy came to the monk and informed him about it.

The Story of Ashabul Ukhdud, The People of Trench

Then, after Ibn Ishaq explained that the people of Najran began following the religion of the boy after his murder, which was the religion of Christianity, he said.

There are different stories about the people of the Ditch. So, if you believe in Allah and supplicate to Him, He will cure you.