SCHOENBERG, A. – Ejercicios Preliminares de Arnold Schoenberg – Exerccios Preliminares em ContrapontoDocuments. : EJERCICIOS PRELIMINARES DE CONTRAPUNTO las clases de contrapunto que Arnold Schoenberg dirigióen la Universidad de California. SCHOENBERG, A. – Ejercicios Preliminares de – Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online.

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El Argonauta. La librería de la música.

Root, Gordon ; Schoenberg, Arnold. Edited by Gordon Root. Originally published in”Models for Beginners in Composition” represents one of Arnold Schoenberg’s earliest attempts at reaching a broad American audience through his pedagogical ideas. The novelty of this book was its streamlined approach, basing all arnolx of composition including motivic design, harmony, and the construction of themes on the two-measure phrase.

This newly revised edition by Gordon Root incorporates many of Schoenberg’s corrections to the original manuscript. It also includes a significant commentary elucidating the evolution of Schoenberg’s pedagogical approach.


In its function as a practical manual for the American classroom, “Models for Beginners in Composition” is unique among Schoenberg’s texts. The current Commentary explores Schoenberg’s experience as a teacher at UCLA while tracing the development of the two-measure phrase as the main component of his pedagogical method.

Who is Arnold Schoenberg?

It demonstrates the way in which Schoenberg simultaneously preserved and adapted European ideas about tonal theory and pedagogy when he came to America, a give and take that allowed for increased theoretical originality and scope. This new edition, with Schoenberg’s corrections and newly added commentary, allows readers to utilize and explore the text in greater depth. Students of composition, Schoenberg scholars, music theorists, and historians of music theory alike will no doubt welcome this new edition.

Abbreviations of Texts Preface: Coordination of Melody and Harmony II. Contrasting Middle Section VI. Key to Schoenberg’s Symbols and Abbreviations Appendix 5: Primer in Regions Appendix 6: Schoenberg’s Models for Beginners in Composition.

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Cartas por Schoenberg, Arnold. Confesiones por Schoenberg, Arnold. Ejercicios preliminares de contrapunto por Schoenberg, Arnold. El estilo y la idea por Schoenberg, Arnold.