And the Band Played on: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic [Randy Shilts] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic is a book by San Francisco Chronicle journalist Randy Shilts. The book chronicles the. By the time Rock Hudson’s death in alerted all America to the danger of the AIDS epidemic, the disease had spread across the nation, killing thousands of.

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Apr 27, Charlene rated it it was amazing Shelves: By the time Rock Hudson’s death in alerted all America to the danger of the AIDS epidemic, the disease had spread across the nation, killing thousands of people and emerging as the greatest health crisis of the 20th century.

Was it about the disease itself? Against this backdrop, Shilts tells the heroic stories of individuals in science and politics, public health and the gay community, who struggled to alert the nation to the enormity of the danger it faced. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a must read book for those like me who weren’t born or were young children then.

And the Band Played on : Politics, People and the AIDS Epidemic

And it made me think of friends I’ve lost. I recall being so incensed at the failure of common decency across every part of the ‘establishment’ spectrum that I think I can trace much of my continuing skepticism of our political process directly to Randy’s work. Literary reviews of the work were generally positive, with reviewers commenting on the “hypnotic” and “thriller-like” qualities of the book.

He also revealed that he received abuse from gays for the articles he wrote for the San Francisco Chronicle supporting the bathhouse closures, as well as for And the Band Played Onsaying it was common for him to be spat upon in the Castro District.

Congress pushed through was highly politicized and embattled, and a fraction of what was spent on similar public health problems. I wait for us, with faith we still can, to come to our collective senses once again.

And the Band Played on : Randy Shilts :

I remember when we first heard about Gay Cancer, and how hard it was to get any decent information. A Gay Fantasia on National Themes premiered, which prompted one reviewer to note it a triumph and a loss: Now republished in a special 20th Anniversary edition, And the Band Played On remains one of the essential books of our time.


Dec 07, E rated it really liked it Shelves: Shilt’s book rqndy how small groups of shilhs and concerned gay men, not only had a ruthless virus to contend with, but also had to fight with numerous political, financial and career interests in order to get preventative measures and medical treatment underway.

The main problem I had with this book is that there were too many names to keep track of. Sep 25, Lisa Gallagher rated it it was amazing Shelves: Things would become far less polite later.

Assessing media’s coverage when private matters become public. The colleague switched the samples, Shilts reported, because of a grudge he had against the Pasteur Institute. Shi,ts have it too.

Alan Alda portrayed controversial viral researcher Robert Gallo, and many other stars appeared in supporting and cameo roles, who agreed to appear in the film for union-scale pay.

How could so many people have done nothing or lied about it for so long? Because someone I cared about had intentionally seen to it that I hadn’t learned about it. The ambulance stopped at 10th Street San Franciscodouble-parked, and MacDonald was quickly bundled onto a gurney. When there was an outbreak of Legion Fever inthe government poured money into it and the CDC acted quickly to stop shilt spread.

I remember when the world got wobbly and my friends were dying and it seemed like nobody cared. A whole generation vanished because the health officials didn’t want to talk about anal sex, the blood banks didn’t want to admit they should have tested the blood, the gay rights organizations couldn’t conceive of closing the baths, the government couldn’t fund the scientists, the scientists couldn’t let go of their need to be the first, the medical journals couldn’t suspend business-as-usual, the FDA couldn’t understand that double blind studies were inappropriate in the face of an epidemic of this magnitude, and on and on and on.

Randy Shilts was born inin Davenport, Iowa. Written as a detective story, this must read book covers all aspects of the disease, from history, to journalism, to politics, to people. Because, as depressing a book as this turned out to be, it was also incredibly ln to put down. This book has just about everything I like in a non-fiction.

As long as it was GRID it didn’t matter. We remember first hearing about it on the news, but not really rajdy what it was about. The writers, however, were mostly impressed with the book, calling it an “informative, often brilliant, overview of the emergent meanings of the AIDS epidemic”.


Shilts shows that the epidemic spread wildly because the federal government put budget ahead of the nation’s welfare; health authorities placed political expediency before the public health; and scientists were often more concerned with international prestige than saving lives.

And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic

One Reporter’s Account of the Nation’s Response. The real truth is far too many people are suffering and this country has had a long and proud history of standing up, whatever the cause of human suffering is, to make it better. The left wing political movements were are less opposed to the gay movement, but do not want to be associated with it politically, as this may harm their chances of being elected. Continual Permutations of Action Anselm L. Jun 16, laaaaames rated it really liked it.

I honestly think that some people believe the worst side effect of HIV is excess belly fat this is actually a side effect of one of the drugs. Anyone who lived through the eighties should reread this book with the benefit of hindsight, and anyone who has not read this book should read because as humans we are fallible hte are likely to fail to respond to the next crisis if we do not learn from our mistakes. It was happening to people I cared about and loved.

Since this little sentence has things in it that I know are false, what is the author saying with it – is he building a case? And the Band Played on: But it doesn’t always pass away, and from one bad dream to another, it is men who pass away This is a life-changing book. But Schiltz left some crucial things out. Views Read Edit Randu history. The subject matter of the book is so upsetting that I took a year long break in the middle of the book before finishing it recently.

He broke through society’s denial and was absolutely critical to communicating the reality of AIDS. Aug 20, Ram rated it it was amazing Shelves: As the actual symptoms vary from patient to patient and are basically symptoms of know diseases, it took a long time until the doctors understood that all these cases are connected and are actually symptoms of the same contagious disease.