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The reasons for his scorn towards godlike authority, beside the nature of his personality, should be sought into the fact that gods limit human life with death.

Alber Kami

Does not the boulder personify suffering, anguish, punishment, and also the border of our possibilities and thus freedom as well. Kada mu je Sisyphus was sentenced to push a boulder with huge effort up the steep hill in order to roll it over the top.

Harmoni of Nature and Spirituality in Stone, publisher: If Sizkfu perseveres to continue with the same or even greater zeal and will to roll the boulder, the boulder becomes Sisyphus, and their unity also opens the borders of freedom. Sisyphus may eternally ask it over and over again, we do not have that much time.

Alber Kami | LibraryThing

Is the punishment absurdity only the extension of the absurdity form the life led by Sisyphus. The first one is the guilt of Sisyphus himself, what he was punshed for, which is not subject of our discussion, because the punishment exceeds the guilt itself by hearsay and significance.

Making absurd purposeless If we regard life as a path towards death, we will be like Sisyphus in a stalemate. The boulder is a part of our living space, we are surrounded with boulder, on and in the boulder we live. Albert Camus author Alber Kami author. Cygan rated it 4 years ago http: In his death, Sisyphus from epimethic destiny and later wisdom came to promethic inspiration that one should find way not to disturb the punishment and irritate gods, and using the same means, personal strength, will and boulder struggle and win.

However, that does not free us but obliges us to responsibility. Repeating the activity constantly and anew is advance, although it does not look that way. A boulder is our need in order to perceive our range, place and role, as the boulder instead of being punishment is freedom border.


Sisyphus, the boulder, the absurdity, the meaning, free will, freedom. Wrong email address or username. The easiest way is to accuse the god who incites and causes eavil and cunningness in human and god nature. Every rebellion over everyday life routine is making absurd nonsense, that is creativity and work making life sensible. Ne vjerujem u boga “i” nisam ateist.

We do not have time to think of our position, to step forward, because we are going to fall out from the race, so our life becomes like all the other 2 Camus, Albert, The Myth of Sisyphus, Veselin Maslesa-Svjetlost, Sarajevo,p.

Albert Camus came to conclusion that the world is not absurd, but that it becomes absurd when we want to figure it out, that is life is not absurd, but absurd is very life.

The question of freedom is the question of manind above all others. I read this in French, beetches!

Albert Camus

This book annoyed me so much, and I had such a difficult time placing my thoughts into words, that I haven’t written a book review in two months. That is in most cases done.

It thus annulates implacability of death as an obstacle to life and leaves space over questionig regarding purpose and sense, that is over the need for the world and life to be created and changed all over again.

Setting the boundaries of freedom the boulder is part of that freedom, inseparaple like circle and its ring.

Alber Kami by Teodora Djordjevic on Prezi

EricaO rated it 5 years ago http: And Sisyphus could not manage taht without the boulder, because besides himself there is only the boulder as a tool instrument, no matter if it is real or metaphorical. This way question of the sense and metaphysical relation among existence and essence problematize with the myth of Sisyphus, as relation towards life realized as absurd or as sensible and purposeful occurence.


However, the punishment is not rolling the boulder, but constantly beginning doing the same thing all over again, and nonsense or absurdity of the work comes from the fact that Sisyphus and all the others are familiar with the result. Towards it he can only feel contempt, but it is his as the boulder he rolls is. It is up to us by our personal choice, and we are free in that, also to choose the side of this life.

And here is very important the boulder role, that is how to transform it from the punishment means into means of struggle and victory at the end. Our intention is that absurd appears as a stimulus, as freedom, as food for all and individuals, like Sisyphus from the absurdity hero becomes hero of sense.

Constant return of the same is also in that the whole purpose, the whole sense of human life and struggle, do not finish out of it, but inside of it itself, as the only measurement of the essesnce in general.

We put aside that gods themselves had a god of cunningness, thieves and dupers, Autolics, which partially frees people from the complete guilt for such deeds. No, drama je izvedena tek Indignation may originate from the fact that he was punished too severly or from the fact that he was in a way caught red handed.

A boulder also in real life, from means without spirit, cold, without feelings becomes service means for satisfying both body and soul, but also for overcoming nonsense of everyday life. Ukratko, ispostavilo se da publika nije sastavljena od sudija, nego od velikodusnih There is possibility to make something out of available means and power, and that is to use the punishment absurdity as basis for its overcoming and eventually negating.