Akaal Ustat. Artist: Giani Bhai Mehtab Singh. Album: Das Granthi. Das Granthi. Audio Player. Download File. Your browser does not support the audio player. Documents Similar To Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji Steek (Akal Ustat) Punjabi. Sri Gyan Parbodh – Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji Steek Vol. 1. Uploaded by. Sri Jaap Sahib Ate Akaal Ustat Steek. by Pandit Giani Narain Singh Lahore Wale (Author) Language: Punjabi Total Download: Share this Book.

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The word “Akal” mean the “timeless primal being” and the word “Ustat” from the Sanskrit word ‘stuti’ means “praise”. All the above details have been underlined with orange pen.

ystat At various points in this composition, Guru Singh speaks out against the belief that some people are superior to others, by virtue of belonging to a particular religion, region, history, culture, colour or creed. Posted July 21, Somewhere you become conscious, somewhere you become careless and thou sleepest unconsciously.

Akal Ustat

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. So together, the words “Akal Ustat” mean “the praise of the Timeless One”. Historians record that the Guru is said to have cried with laughter at this tenure and embraced Kanihyaa, citing that the latter truly had grasped the fundamentals of reality and transcended the superficial norms of creation itself! Zkaal Ustat is the name given to the second Bani ystat the second holy scriptures of the Sikhs called the Dasam Granth.


Already have an account? For him time is not an obstacle akaao he is not bound by it’s demarcations. This site uses cookies. To satisfy his desire, Maharaaj uttered this Chhand. The interested readers may read the text accordingly. The past, the present and the future.

He is without attachment, colour, form and mark. Turning to the accused the Guru requested a defence from him, and Kanihyaa in all humility replied that in both Khalsa and Muslims alike he perceived the divine radiance of the Guru; thus he was assisting none other than his master. His dwelling is within water, on earth and in heavens. Yet somewhere you become a Supreme Donor and bestow the beggar with wealth. uztat

Sri Jaap Sahib Ate Akaal Ustat Steek – SikhBookClub

Outline of Sikhism Sikhism portal. This text spans from page 33 to page akasl of the pages of this holy book of the Sikhs. When sutat queried as to Kanihyaa’s crime, he was briefed that the latter was tending to Khalsa military personnel as well as Mughals thus prolonging the war through his pseudo-humanitarian efforts. The scripture is notable for its unalloyed disavowal of the caste systemand of cultural elitism in general. Instead, he clearly and firmly states that “all human beings are equal “:.


Akal Ustati, Sawayiapage. OP article is very informative.

Sri Jaap Sahib Ate Akaal Ustat Steek

When the mind is restricted, when it is controlled, perception reaches such a state that duality becomes extinct for it. Sikhism history beliefs Sikh. He is far away from all and closest to all. Kabeer further provides a supporting statement in evidence of his figurative citation, ‘let sincere faith be your genuflection in prayer, and let the conquering of your mind be your supreme objective.

This page was last edited on 6 Octoberat The latter notion even today is taboo for aaal faiths who spearhead campaigns for their own respective growths and vilify the other. Such was Kanihyaa’s perspective. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Sri Akaal Ustat is amazing transcendental composition of non duality-advait-absolute reality.

Arising above the conflicts of both Hindus and Muslims, he repeatedly states ‘at times thou cry out loud for the Islamic prayers, and at times though observes great secrecy in reciting the Hindu mantras.

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