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One warning is in order here: The drop across the base resistor is 9. FET followers, with their high input im— pedance, are commonly used as input stages in oscilloscopes as ad5712 as other mea— suring instruments. Remember that the lower limit of output compliance is set by the emitter voltage.

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The problem of low voltage gain in FET amplifiers can be circumvented by resorting to a current—source active load, Page 84 but once again the bipolar transistor will be better in the same circuit. V l n unregulated out Figure 2. We can figure out the output amplitude, as we did for the emitter fol— lower in Section 2. Con- sider a common—source amplifier.

E] Matched biasing transistor Use a matched transistor to generate the correct base voltage for the required col— lector current; this ensures automatic tem— perature compensation Fig. It is called that because the out— put terminal is the emitter, which follows the input the baseless one diode drop: The grounded emitter ampli- fier is difficult to bias.

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Modifying current-source output with an emitter resistor. This terminology carries over to op—amps, which are simply high-gain differential amplifiers.


How— ever, it has limited usefulness, for several reasons: Sign Up Sign In.

However, I do see quite a few for sale mostly from China on Ebay. Note that if one of the current source transistors saturates e.

These effects are small. It is absent alto— gether in a grounded base stage. Devices with a large process spread will, in gen— eral, datwsheet larger offset voltage unbalance when used as differential pairs.

Integrators, dataaheet tooth generators, and ramp generators need current sources. You get the overall gain by multiplying the two gains. This circuit is sometimes called a pseudocomplementary push—pull follower. This is perhaps the most important property of FETs, and it was exploited in the high—impedance am— plifiers and followers in the previous sec— tions. As you can see, FET source followers aren’t nearly as stiff as emitter followers. Reducing ripple in the zener Later you will see better voltage reg— ulators, ones in which you can vary the output easily and continuously, using feed- back.

Imagine breaking it apart, as in Figure 2.

Product/Process Change Notice – PCN 12_0199 Rev. –

By an unfortunate choice of language, this is called the “satu- ration” region of the FET and corresponds to the “active” region of the bipolar tran- sistor. In particular, current that flows through Che is not amplified by the tran- sistor. The output current daasheet slightly on voltage and therefore has less than infinite impedance.

Good sta— bility with load variations is achieved through cascode transistor Q3, which reduces voltage variations across Q1. The symmetry isn’t perfect be- cause the carriers are holes, rather than electrons, with lower “mobility” and “mi— nority carrier lifetime.


Let’s take a brief look. In this case, the lamp goes on, with its rated 10 volts across ac7512. JFET gate leakage increases disastrously at higher ain-gate voltages and is proportional to drain current. There are no forward- biased junctions, so the gate draws no cur- rent; this is perhaps the most important advantage of the FET.

A common-emitter amplifier stage may have an emitter resis— tor; what matters is that the emitter circuit is common to the input circuit and the out- put circuit. Just as with bipolar transistors, you can have the simple effect of input capacitance to ground called Cmand you can have the capacitance—multiplying Miller effect which acts on the feedback capacitance CNS.

Dual SPDT Protected Analog Switch

See Appendix Datahseet on transistor saturation for more details. One possibility for an active load is a current mirror as the drain load for a differential FET pair see Section 2. Wilson mirror Another current mirror with very constant current is shqvggeigk the clever circuit of Figure 2.

Comments on biasing and gain One important point about grounded emit— ter amplifier stages: Something like an emitter follower, a field-effect tran- sistor FETor an op—amp presents a good load. Dif— ferential Darlington Q1 — Q4 compares the voltage of the adjustable reference divider R4—R6 with the divider formed from the thermistor and R2.

They are also better voltage sources, with output impedances measured in milli- ohms, temperature coefficients of a few parts per million per degree centigrade, i 2.