Tuboovarian abscess as unusual presentation of tubarian fistula secondary to sigmoid diverticulitis. Absceso tuboovárico como presentación inusual de fístula . MANEJO ACTUAL DEL ABSCESO TUBO Sócrates Aedo M. Dr. Eduardo Faúndez P. (Docente). Post Grado Depto Ginecología y Obstetricia. We report a case of bilateral tuberculous tubo-ovarian abscess in a 13 year old girl Absceso tubo-ovarico de origen tuberculoso en el paciente pediatrico.

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Tubo-ovarian abscesses are one of the late complications of pelvic inflammatory disease.

Patients typically present with a combination of fever, elevated inflammatory markers, lower abdominal-pelvic pain, and vaginal discharge. Fever and leukocytosis may sometimes be absent.

The clinical context is extremely important in radiological interpretation. Patients will experience tenderness with endovaginal scanning.

Transabdominal and endovaginal ultrasound are the preferred initial imaging investigations. Can be a helpful adjunct to ultrasound especially in determining the extent of disease Can be useful especially when sonography is inconclusive or if the gas abscsso is difficult to be differentiated from bowel gas 5.


Translation glossary: Robert Copeland-Gynecology and Obstetric Terms – personal glossaries

ovadico Initial treatment can be with antibiotic therapy. Radiological guided drainage or surgery may be required in patients resistant to antibiotic treatment. Drainage may be performed from an endovaginal, transgluteal, or trans-abdominal approach, dependent on patient and operator preference 4.

Clinical features kvarico infection is a key to aid diagnosis as a number of other pathologies can give similar appearances You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. Unable to process the form.

Translation glossary: Robert Copeland-Gynecology and Obstetric Terms

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La enfermedad inflamatoria pélvica – ACOG

Cases and figures Imaging differential diagnosis. CT findings in tuboovarian abscess.

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Translation of “with a tubo-ovarian” in Spanish

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