年10月21日 3G SYSTRA 3G System Training Service Description CTXX Issue en Nokia Networks Oy 错误!使用“开始” 应用于要在此处显示的文字. 3G SYSTRA. Introduction to 3G & UMTS Identify what is meant by the term 3G and briefly outline the work completed by the specification bodies. Furthermore. Directory: 3G/4G develop. Plat: PDF Size: KB Downloads: 4. Upload time: Uploader: joyraj. Description: This book on 3G system.

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It is the Systta of the exchange, which holds the system shstra and also keeps a copy of all exchange specific software data. Depending on whether the reflected signal comes from near or far, the effect is slightly different. Synchronisation is a critical issue in the GSM network due to the nature of the information transferred. In addition, there can be many different ranks of officers, each one with different responsibilities. Let us move on and take a closer look at the mobile network.

Consider what would happen if there is a malfunction somewhere along the line and the chain breaks. A teleservice or a bearer service is also a basic service that has an enhanced performance by the use of a number sysyra supplementary services. The rest of the units and their functions are exactly same as in the MSC.

The mobile receives and reads this information. The HLR is no exception. In this case, a virtual connection is established by an initial exchange of “set-up” packets between the communicating terminals.

Location areas inside a hotel Note that these location areas are only known within the area of the hotel, that is, no information is given to the embassy police department.

The elements of Network Switching Subsystem that have been discussed so far are: A traffic connection requires two network elements that are able to provide speech connections. Which two of the following network elements belong to the NSS? Some timeslots are, however, used to provide signalling and systa updates etc. Explain the terms carrier, spreading, power, FDD, cell characteristics, channelisation code, and scrambling code List and identify the structure of the UMTS air interface.


The network acknowledges the request and allocates a channel. During the data transfer, each packet associated with a connection is passed over the same route through the network. With a weight of less than 25 kg it is light and small in size. This coding is not for encryption, but for error detection and correction purposes and requires extra information to be added to the user data.

Data services It becomes necessary to characterise the bearer specifying the data rates and type of modem to be used. A mobile terminated call requires HLR enquiry to locate the called subscriber.

Broadcast channels are 3gg point to multipoint channels. In the broadest sense of the concept, any subscriber action that uses the facilities provided and supported by the GSM system can be categorised as a service.

00_Table of Contents 3G SYSTRA(Jan) – [PDF Document]

In both cases, the nature of the transmitted information is data group 3 facsimile and speech alternately during the same call. A transcoder used in conjunction with a submultiplexer makes it possible to multiplex traffic channels from three PCM lines, thereby reducing transmission costs.

In this case, the BSC controlling the cell makes the decision to perform handover. Referring to the interfaces, the more complicated the interfaces in use, the more intelligence is required between the interfaces in order to implement all the functions required. Without wire-connected telephones the subscribers can be virtually everywhere, but still the network must be able to provide a connection in spite of their movements.

In association with the fax service the subscriber may request a supplementary service of Call Forwarding On Mobile Subscriber Not Reachable, so that his data calls will be forwarded to another destination. The BSC acts as a concentrator in addition to being the radio network controller.


00_Table of Contents 3G SYSTRA(Jan-06)

CTXX Issue 3. Telecom ’95 was held in Geneva where Nokia demonstrated One does not have to buy everything to have just a fraction of its resources. The trick is to compare the Ki stored in the mobile with the one stored in the network without actually having to transmit it over the radio air interface.

After the network has been dimensioned, a detailed plan is made with a number of inputs, for instance Data Communications Network DCN settings towards the NMS, network diagrams, the synchronisation plan, a detailed routing plan, digit analysis, detailed signalling, numbering and charging plans, etc. The sectorised 2 sectorised and 3 sectorised BTSs have sectorised antennas, which receive and transmit in certain directions.

There may not be a perfect answer, select the one you think is the most correct. The lowest and highest channels are not used to avoid interference with services using neighbouring frequencies, both in GSM and GSM There are a number of solutions that have been designed to overcome these problems: Secondly, we need to have some sort of information that enables the GMSC to route the call to the target MSC, wherever in the world it may be.

When a user subscribes for more than one basic service, he will have a different MSISDN for every basic service to which he subscribes. We will discuss the DX shortly, but let us first examine some other differences. Topics to be covered in this module include understanding the historic factors driving the system development and the evolution of the mobile networks.