2SBA Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SBA Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. MOSPEC 2SBA datasheet, PNP Silicon Power Transistors, 2SBA datasheet, 2SBA pdf, 2SBA datasheet pdf, 2SBA pinouts. 2SBA from NEC Corporation. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information.

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In addition, the circuits of embedded arrays can be easily modified, so that the risk involved in development can be lowered. For more details about order processing, pricing and other relevant information, please visit Terms and Conditions on our site.

Input voltage VI The range of voltage that, even if applied to the input pin, will not cause destruction or lower reliability.

2SB546A Datasheet PDF

We have loyally served our customers since These are ASICs that can be developed by the user by using dedicated development tools for production runs as small as a single sample. OilmasterJan 22, CATV Tuner 3 5 20 15 — 5 Please have the following information available: Our friendly staff will assist you with your order of 2SBY. The gate array block consists of the basic cells of a CMOS gate array, and can be designed in the same manner as a gate array. Differs depending on the number of pin pairs and the occupation rate of the macro.


Blank indicates value is under study. The general-purpose LSIs are designed and supplied as standard products by the manufacturers.

Consequently, device manufacturers are required to supply state-of-the-art semiconductor chips and efficient design environments. What are possible replacements for those old-fashioned transistors? Please call an NEC sales representative. Derivative models available 2. Mixers are incorporated into the analog input section and analog output section. The CB-C10 family can internally operate at 2.

PNP Si Transistor, Vertical Deflection (Comp NTE) – NTE

In contrast, ASICs are for specific applications and can be further classified as illustrated below. Number of gates if hard macro is not integrated [2-input NAND datxsheet conversion] 3. Hardwre tools are not provided. An extensive line-up of products is available to answer the wide-ranging needs of users.

2SBA Datasheet PDF – SavantIC Semiconductor

The absolute maximum ratings are 2xb546a that may physically damage the product s. A contract for production with the manufacturer is made on the assumption of mass production of the application system. The datasheft features of the channel-less gate array, in addition to a short development period, are as follows: Aircraft, aerospace equipment, submersible repeaters, nuclear reactor control systems, life support systems or medical equipment for life support, etc.

In particular when selecting products, estimate the circuit scale considering their peripheral circuits. In the meantime, the circuits are determined through simulation.

Normal C60 53 53 C80 40 40 FB: These gate arrays help increase the speed and decrease the power consumption of many electronic systems such as office machines and communications equipment. The following conversion sockets, which are products of Tokyo Eletech Corporation, are included. The pull-up resistance and pull-down resistance vary depending on the input and output voltages. Including the power supply and GND pins. If you would prefer to speak to a live person, contact our sales department for immediate price and availability on 2SBY at during regular business hours.


Cell-based ICs are mainly used for digital circuits, but can also be used to combine analog and digital Cell-based IC circuits.

2SB546A Datasheets

Semi-custom LSIs were first developed in response to demands to improve the performance of systems datssheet as computers and private branch exchanges. Unlike gate arrays, no master wafers are available for cell-based ICs, and a cell-based IC is processed from the very first process, i. The key to selecting the most suitable ASIC product is completely understanding the characteristics required by the entire system to be developed and the circuits to be integrated into an Datahseet.

Drastic cost reductions have been achieved thanks to higher integration by the adoption of 0.