Please DO NOT VOTE for LeBlanc for judge !!! PASS IT ON

Please DO NOT VOTE for LeBlanc for judge !!!

When asked at the Ascension GOP meeting about the MARTELLO case, LeBlanc professed ignorance on the first circuit court of appeals decision.


This infamous case should be well known to all those who practice child support law as LeBlanc does.

In MARTELLO, Judge Chutz ruled that Mr. Martello made $9,000/month in gross income. He then ordered Mr. Martello to pay $5,600/month in temporary spousal support and to pay another $2,600/month in child support. This left Mr. Ned Martello with about $860 dollars to live and pay taxes on according to the appellate court.

What the appellate court did not say explicitly was that taxes on this level of income are $2,600/month. This number comes from the States published net income to gross income from the Child Support report of 2004. So effectively Judge Chutz had left Mr. Martello with negative $2,000/month to live on until the appellate court overturned his abusive decision.

It took almost 2 years and an additional $7,000 in legal fees for the decision to be overturned. During that time Mr. Martello had to live up to the decision or face being jailed by this judge.

LeBlanc’s response to being asked about this case was to state that she was unaware of it and that there ‘must have been special needs for the children’.

Well the ‘special needs for the children’ were that Mr. Martello had shared custody of the two children. The children were living with their daddy between about 43 to 45% of the time.

So the judge was being very abusive to the children and making it very difficult for Mr. Martello to house, clothe and feed his children.

For Ms. LeBlanc to not know about this outrageous case speaks very poorly of her and the effort she puts into her job.

We had hoped four years ago, when the Republicans took the Governors office, the House, and made significant strides in the Senate.

But instead, my fellow Republicans put Senator Julie Quinn in charge of family law in the Senate (Judiciary A committee). Senator Quinn should have never been put in this position because she was engaged in, and continued to engage in an extremely vicious divorce/custody battle against her husband during the entire time in office.

Because of this inappropriate and unethical appointment, the men of this State have had to endure one idiotic, sadistic proposed law after another emanating from her office so that she could gain advantage in her custody case and use these new draconian laws against her ex-husband.

We were fortunate, through the grace of God, to defeat most of these measures.

Unfortunately, it meant that we were not able to make any progress during these last four years in removing the existing sadism from the laws.

In 2008, when the DSS/DA Child Support Review committee presented their report to the legislature, Senator Quinn chaired the meeting. LaDads was at the meeting. We were allowed to speak.

However, When I presented the MARTELLO case to the body, Senator Quinn (and at this time I still did not know about her personal case) stated she did not know if they could trust my veracity. She said this even though I turned in a copy of the appellate court decision.

This upset Mr. Martello, so he elected to speak. He verified the facts. Senator Quinn chose to dismiss, diminish and disregard his testimony.

As such, the problem with child support orders exceeding a persons ability to pay was not addressed by the legislature.

Sen Quinn’s first major unethical act was to seek to extend the legislative privilege of exemption from court. Under existing law, Legislators do not have to go to court for any reason while the legislature is in session and they got a reasonable delay for ‘out of session’ meetings. This is a good law. Senator Quinn sought to change this law. She claimed her bill had no major changes in it and was just ‘cleaning up messy law’. In actuality, her bill granted all of the legislators a 60 day exemption for any out of session meeting they attended. Given that certain committees meet monthly out of session, this was tantamount to a ‘stay out of court’ pass for the entire duration that a legislator (and any of their clients from drunks to mass murderers) that the legislator was in office.

No other state does this. Every legislator turned a blind eye except one. I had to rely on a democrat (Rep Abramson) to call her to heel.

She did get one revision made to the existing law, which as soon as the legislature signed the law into effect, she had her laywers in court applying the new 60 day in session exemption that she had obtained.

Sen. Quinn’s next major attack on her ex, and by extension all the daddies in the State, was to seek to make ANY amount of child support owed a felony with an arbitrary fine with no upper limit. Rep Wooten stopped her “Day late or a dollar short” bill in his House Committee. (Thank you Rep Wooten !!!).

The men of this State need relief from the arbitrary and capricious application of the child support laws by the corrupt judicial officials in this State.

The second case I asked LeBlanc about, she can be excused for not knowing about as it is not yet as famous as MARTELLO.

However it is even more horrific.

In that case, Daniel Hoover Hoover, a wheel-chair bound quadriplegic due to a brain aneurysm, was subject to an abusive child support order by his ex-wife – a school teacher.

Kelly Wolf (then Hoover) filed a petition for divorce demanding 100% of his disability check, $1,045/month at the time, plus any increases he may obtain as ‘CHILD SUPPORT’.


We need a law, DANIEL’S LAW, making it clearly ILLEGAL for an attorney to demand someones entire income as child support.

Not only did she demand it, she OBTAINED IT. Judge Bruce Bennett signed off on a ‘consent judgment’ granting her 100% of Daniel’s income as child support.

They worked this magic by getting the Judge to appoint an attorney for Daniel. This attorney worked out of her attorney’s office (the attorney deducted his fee from her attorney’s rent). The attorney never met with Daniel but once – and that was in a public meeting with the ex-wife and her attorney present.

In defense of the attorney, he was 90+, nearly completely deaf and blind, and thought he was doing Daniel a favor.

The ex-wife also fraudulently interdicted Daniel Hoover.

When the parents for Daniel finally got Daniel Hoover away from this black wanna-be widow, and asked the court to give Daniel visitation time with his son, the ex-wife responded by hiring the state to pursue Daniel Hoover as a deadbeat.

She perjured herself and claimed in her forms that he had NEVER paid child support and that he owed $19,000+.

The D.A. instead of prosecuting her for fraud, removed the 7 or so months from the demand that she collected his entire check, and chased Daniel Hoover for $10,000+

At the hearing, The hearing officer, despite the petition filed that day by Daniel’s attorney, once again set the child support order at 100% of Daniel’s income. She got Judge Bruce Bennett to once again sign an order granting 100% of Daniel’s income. She got an income assignment order signed garnishing his check.

Fortunately, Daniel had some protection from these vile monsters. State law prevents more than 50% of net income from being taken (R.S. 13:3881), so the Feds only garnished 50% of Daniel’s check – despite the demand FOR ALL OF IT.

Eventually, Judge Bennett woke from his slumber, after three checks were garnished, he voided the order.

However, this did not stop the ex-wives attorneys – Sherman Mack and Jeffery Oglesbee from continuing to demand DANIEL’S ENTIRE CHECK AS CHILD SUPPORT. (Note: Sherman Mack is now a State Rep for Livingston parish – What is wrong with that picture?)

We will skip for now the rest of the evil that these people have done to Daniel and his family – the bogus arrests and outright fraud – and get back to LeBlanc.

When I told LeBlanc about the order for 100% of Daniel Hoovers income, her response was that ‘there must have been special needs for the child’. This is NOT an ordinary response.

Ordinary people respond with a shocked ‘WHAT WAS HE SUPPOSED TO EAT ?!?’.

Other than the outright greed and corruption of the officers of the 19th JDC, there were no special needs for this child. The ex-wife had married the step-son of a district judge – Judge Elizabeth Wolfe. It was just a case of extra special home cooking for which we can for some reason find no adults in the state willing to address and correct the problem. (JUDGE WOLFE SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE BENCH !!!)

The State of Louisiana does not need any more monsters in office. We have had enough corrupt judges. From Judge Bodenheimer to Judge Greene to Judge Porteous to Judge Benge to Judge Wendell Miller.

The Judicial Commission when it does act, acts glacially slow. They did not remove Judge Wendell Miller until thirteen (13) years after the fact.

Please DO NOT elect LeBlanc Judge.

Children CANNOT thrive unless BOTH parents are in their lives and BOTH parents are able to financially survive and thrive.

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