Enforcement of Visitation Orders (s) … IN NEBRASKA

The other states are so far ahead of Louisiana when it comes to providing Online Legal Self-Help.

Take for example, Nebraska.  I was answering a question for someone from Nebraska about obtaining Legal Aide for the enforcement of visitation orders.

A quick google search took me to the Nebraska Online Legal Self-Help Center – a site maintained by the Nebraska Supreme Court.

They have a section specific for Family and Children issues.

In that section, for the Enforcement of Visitation, they have a number of court forms with instructions for how to complete them.  Here is that section of the page.

Enforcement of Visitation Order(s)

These instructions and forms are a product of the Nebraska Supreme Court Implementation Committee on Pro Se Litigation and are provided as a public service to people who want to do their own divorce cases. The Supreme Court does not represent that these instructions and forms will be appropriate in your case. Any questions you may have regarding the use of the instructions and forms should be directed to a lawyer. Although these instructions and forms were developed to assist people who want to do their own cases, the Supreme Court’s Implementation Committee on Pro Se Litigation urges everyone thinking of doing their own case to consider getting a lawyer to help.

WOW.  Forms on how to enforce the visitation and instructions on how to complete the forms.

You can’t find that in Louisiana.




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