Letter to Dr. Gardner

Dr. L. K. Gardner
Management and Business Administration
(985) 549 3068

2011 Louisiana Child Support Guidelines Review

Dear Dr. Gardner,

It was a pleasure meeting you at the September 12 child support guideline review meeting.

LaDads has scanned all of the states child support reports since 2000 and made them available on the internet.  These files are downloadable from the following links, see below.  The files are semi-searchable by keyword.

2008 Report by DSS

This was the last report done.
2008 Review of Child Support Guidelines by DSS/DA

2004 Report by DSS Lisa Woodruff-White (now Family Court Judge)

The first two pages are the summary recommendations for 2004.
The Report to the legislature goes from pages 3 to 317
The Survey findings for that years start on page 268
The Low-Income Fathers and Child Support in Louisiana – Best Practices and Recommendations report by PSI starts on page 318 to page 443.  Many of these recommendations were not implemented; some were not even presented to the legislature.

2004 Child Support Review


2001 Task Report by Professor Spaht.

The legislature commissioned a Task Force headed by Professor Spaht to review the 2000 report.

2001 Report of the Task Force

2000 Report – split into two files

This was the first report done by Judge Lisa Woodruff-White.
In it it has the methodology of the economists hired by the state – PSI (Jane Venohr) that set the original child support tables and have done all of the updates since then (except this last update).
2000 Review of Child Support Guidelines A

Exhibits attached to the report are in the B file.  Exhibit 1 is the economists report from Jane Venohr, PhD for PSI, to the review team. It describes in detail the methodology used to create the child support tables.  Attached.
2000 Review of Child Support Guidelines B

Sincerely yours,

Nicholas James
(email and phone number redacted)

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